Watch Jeff Goldblum Sing The Mickey Mouse Club March

Jeff Goldblum made quite an impression on fans at Disney's recent D23 conference, and they'll get to see more of his crazy antics in his new show. That said, it wasn't just the trailer that delighted fans, as Goldblum came out on stage to meet the fans and finished off his introduction by singing the words to the Mickey Mouse Club March. Goldblum came out on stage and launched into "M I C, K E Y, M O U S E", and then had the crowd finish the song. You can see the whole video below, which Disney shared on social media.

"The Mickey Mouse Club March, according to Jeff Goldblum "

The audience ate it up, and here's to Goldblum becoming a regular guest at D23 in the future, because he sure made an amazing impression at this one.

Goldblum was actually at D23 to introduce his new show on National Geographic called The World According To Jeff Goldblum. The show will have him exploring the world and learning as he goes about industries and trends of all kinds. From the trailer alone we know that includes shoe culture, denim, ice cream, jewelry, and tattoos, and he'll even give someone a tattoo before all is said and done.

Goldblum introduces the trailer by saying "This show is a little off the beaten track, and it may be unexpected and surprising, so taste it, and enjoy (laughs)."

"I follow my own actual curiosity," Goldblum said, followed by clips of him on bikes, in kayaks, and touring what appears to be a food processing plant.


Along the way he's always asking questions, and that's part of the idea for the show, saying "I know nothing. That's the premise. I'm a humble student, and in fact kind of a late bloomer. A late Gold-bloomer."

The World According To Jeff Goldblum hits Disney+ on November 12th.