Watch Stephen Amell Use The Boxing Glove Arrow

That high-pitched noise you heard last night was the collective squeal amongst comic book fans during Arrow's latest episode, "Guilty."

After two long years since Arrow debuted, fans have requested--nay-demanded an appearance from Oliver Queen's signature weapon: The boxing glove arrow. The punching projectile has long been a staple of Green Arrow's arsenal throughout his comic book history, a fan-favorite amongst the Emerald Archer's many trick arrows.

Arrow managed to honor that legacy without losing face as a gritty and realistic show when Arrow brawled with Ted "Wildcat" Grant at Grant's boxing gym. As as the two skirmish, Oliver sticks his arrow inside of a boxing glove then fires it at Grant. Smacking Grant right in the mug, the move was a T.K.O. for Arrow and fans alike.

You can check out the best Easter Egg to grace Arrow yet in the video below.


Arrow returns next week with "Draw Back Your Bow" at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.