X-Men Gay Marriage Variant Revealed

Truly, nothing brings people together like a wedding.Who would have thought last year--when artist [...]

Truly, nothing brings people together like a wedding. Who would have thought last year--when artist Marko Djurdjevic was blasting Marvel Comics and talking about closing the chapter of his life that involved drawing for the publisher--that he would be back in just under a year, drawing a variant cover to one of the most anticipated Marvel superhero comics of the year? Certainly not Djurdjevic. "It's over. No more superheroes, no more sad men in tight clothes, no more covers, at least for a long while," he said at Fan Expo Canada last year. Okay, so maybe their clothes aren't so tight--but Marvel has just made available to the press a peek at Djurdjevic's cover for Astonishing X-Men #51, featuring the wedding of Northstar and Kyle. As the only one of the three covers revealed so far that actually features a kiss, it's probably a safe bet that this variant will be the graphic used in most discussion of the topic, as it has the potential to alienate social conservatives and to be seen as a watershed moment by gay rights supporters. Maybe Djurdjevic and Marvel bonded over their mutual agreement (now that he works for DC) that J. M. Straczynski "writes like toilet paper." Either way, it's nice to see how love brings people together.