Zygarde Will Change Formes in Pokemon Sun and Moon


Zygarde will change Formes in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Pokemon Company confirmed the Legendary Pokemon will be able to switch between its 10% Forme, 50% Forme and Complete Forme in a new Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay video shown at the Nationals Tournament in Taiwan. The video shows Zygarde changing from 10% Forme (the dog-like forme) into Complete Forme (the mecha-like bipedal forme) and unleashing a powerful energy attack on a foe. The video can be seen below:

Nintendo revealed last fall that Zygarde was actually comprised of numerous "cells" that could merge together to take different formes with different abilities. After revealing the Legendary Pokemon's Formes last fall, many fans speculated that a "Pokemon Z" game was on the way that would act as a sequel to Pokemon X and Y. When the Pokemon anime named its new season "XY & Z" with an extended story arc focusing on Zygarde, many fans believed an announcement was imminent but Nintendo announced Pokemon Sun and Moon instead. Nintendo distributed a free copy of Zygarde to fans across the world last month.

In related news, Nintendo also announced that the mythical Pokemon Magearna would be distributed via QR code during Japanese screenings of Volcanion and the Exquisite Magearna. Fans won't be able to use the code to get Magearna until they have a copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon in November. Interestingly, as the QR codes will be used to show a Pokemon's location, this could mean that players will find and catch Magearna via an event instead of receiving it via the Mystery Gift function.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will come out in November for the Nintendo 3DS.