Arrow And Agent Carter Producers Talk Feasibility Of A Crossover


With executive producers who are married and stars everybody likes, could we see a crossover between The CW's Arrow and ABC's Marvel's Agent Carter?

Well, probably not -- but that might not prevent Marc Guggenheim and Tara Butters from having a little fun with the idea, as they did during a newly-published conversation at The Hollywood Reporter.

Arrow executive producer Guggenheim spoke with Agent Carter showrunners Butters and Michele Fazekas, asking them whether they'd be game for a crossover between the shows, if there were some magical way to actually make the networks agree to it.

"Would Oliver time travel back to her? Because my immediate answer is no," said Fazekas. "Not that I don't love time paradoxes and time travel stories, but for whatever reason, with Peggy Carter I don't want to do time travel stories. So if it's your Arrow and our Peggy Carter, I can't see a world that you would be able to do."

"Unless you did two parallel stories in two different times, in which they're like The Notebook or something," Butters added.

Guggenheim helpfully suggested to the pair -- who once worked on The X-Files -- "You guys are the only people I can ask this question because you're the only two who would understand the reference: We should totally do an Agent Carter-Arrow crossover the way they crossed over The X-Files and Picket Fences."

"Picket Fences was on CBS and X-Files was on Fox and the networks wouldn't allow it," Butters explained. "So they had FBI agents who came in to Picket Fences who were originally supposed to be Mulder and Scully who they just recast."


When Fazekis asked him if he'd want to try something like that, Guggenheim said, "I would love to. I always love a challenge. I love doing something crazy outside the box. I think part of the challenge is the time, but also making the two tones work. It's like super challenging. But yeah if we did something like The Notebook…"

Butters said that she'd love to see how the two characters would play off one another, since she doesn't think Agent Carter would fall for Oliver's broodiness and sex appeal like most women seem to on Arrow; both Guggenheim and the THR reporter moderating the talk admitted they'd rather see Carter share a scene with Felicity Smoak.