Billie Joe Armstrong Plays an Unsuccessful and Aging Punk Rocker in First Leading Film Role

If you've ever wanted to know what might have become of Green Day had they not become successful, then the new film Ordinary World might just give you a glimpse into what could have been. Starring Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, the film follows an aging would be punk rocker now that he is 40, married, and has a kid.

In his first leading role, Armstrong plays Perry, a man who had dreams of making it big in the punk rock world when he was younger. But after his band didn't quite rise to the status of, say, Green Day, Perry put his dreams on hold to focus on his family. On Perry's 40th birthday, his wife, played by Selma Blair, forgets all about him. So, he decides to get the band back together.

He, joined by fellow band mates, one played by Fred Armisen, throw a huge party at a fancy New York hotel. And, because they are trying to be a punk band, shenanigans ensues and everything seems to go exactly the wrong way. Oh, and Perry runs into an old fling, which is just the perfect thing to happen on a day he is angry at his wife.

The film includes original music from Armstrong and Joan Jett, who makes a cameo appearance as herself - an original punk rocker. Ordinary World will be released on DVD and digital download on October 17th.

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