Funko Teams With Gamestop For Exclusive WWE Wolfpac Sting POP!

Funko WWE Sting Wolfpac
(Photo: Gamestop)

During the later days of WCW, the NWO pretty much ruled everything. At a certain point, it even developed its own offshoot group, the Wolfpac, to varying results.

There were some highlights, though, and one of them included Stings presence in the group, alongside Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Randy Savage, Lex Luger, and Konnan. Now thanks to Funko you can start your own mini stable with the new Wolfpac Sting Gamestop exclusive POP.

Sting Wolfpac Funko Pop
(Photo: Gamestop)

While Stinger is an exclusive, he isn't any different in price and is in stock right now for $10.99.

While we are on the subject of WWE, what other WWE POP's would you like to see Funko do? At this point, I kind of need a Konnan now, as Sting can't be the only Wolfpac member in my collection.


Oh, and I still need a La Parka, just because.