Jason David Frank Says CM Punk Would Lose a UFC Fight With Him

Stop me if you've heard this one: The Green Ranger and a WWE Superstar walk into a hexagonal caged ring...

That's what could happen if actor Jason David Frank, who was once the Green, then White, member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers gets his way. The actor, who has also fought in MMA fights (mostly on the amateur circuit), has been petitioning to be the first opponent for CM Punk, who comes in after a successful career in the WWE but a 0-0 record, Fox Sports reports.

"I'm still interested to the point now where it's like step up or tell everybody that you're stepping down. I'm very interested in the fight. I've been pursuing the fight for a long time. He's the one telling fans I'm a stalker and he was saying at C2E2 in Chicago that I need to shut up. This is the fight game. I've got to keep the pressure on him. I want everybody to know when he steps down that my challenge has always been there and he's the one that's walked away from me," Frank told Fox Sports.

The card certainly writes itself from a promotion point of view: Power Ranger vs WWE Wrestler. Which "fake" fighter can be a real fighter in the ring? That's Frank's point as well. Both happen to be Illinois natives, and Frank has been training with a former UFC fighter since first challenging Punk when he signed with UFC.

Ultimately, Frank says Punk won't fight him because he can't stand losing to him.


"I truly believe that he has it in his contract that he gets the last, final say on who he fights and he just won't give it to me. Because I already have fans behind me and he'll lose to me and he couldn't live with himself," Frank said, confidently. "Maybe he could lose to some no name and maybe he feels better losing to somebody else, but he doesn't want to lose to me. That's the bottom line."