Kevin Costner Has Plans For 10 Hour Western

Audience members who thought Kevin Costner's Dances With Wolves was too long better strap in: Ol' Pa Kent has plans for a ten-hour Western.

Of course, this one will play out either as multiple interconnected films, or as a miniseries in the vein of Hatfields & McCoys or Lonesome Dove.

(Photo: History)

Costner, who has an affinity for Westerns, hasn't appeared in a feature-length Western since Open Range in 2003, although he both starred in and produced the aforementioned Hatfields & McCoys in 2012.

"I have one, I’ve been working on it," Costner told Variety's podcast Playback (via JoBlo). "It’s about 10 hours long, how about that? Maybe I’ll make three features out of it. There’s a fourth one, too, so it’s truly a saga. I could do TV, or I could also make it like every six months, have a big western that’s tied together like Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring, where there's a continuum. I think those are fun to watch."

Besides Dances With Wolves, Open Range, and Hatfields and McCoys, Costner has appeared in Silverado, The Postman, and Wyatt Earp over the years.


Costner was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award for Dances With Wolves, and won Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Director. He had the same results at the Golden Globes that year. He later scored both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for Best Actor in Hatfields and McCoys.

There is no specific title, production date, or release date attached to Costner's just-announced Western plans.