More Daryl Dixon In Remainder Of The Walking Dead Season 6 According To Showrunner


Season six of The Walking Dead has been all over the place (literally). Several episodes have focused on certain characters while at the same time, excluded others. One of those characters often excluded has been fan-favorite, Daryl Dixon.

The world's favorite bow wielding redneck hasn't been with Rick and the group since the October 11 premiere, eight episodes ago. However, that should soon change.

"This past half-season saw the characters very sequestered from each other and there's much less of that in the rest of Season 6," The Walking Dead showruner, Scott Gimple, told Deadline, adding, "This upcoming half-season is very very different than the previous half-season in the structure, in the lineup of characters in the episodes, and I think even in the types of stories we are telling."

"I will say that we are going to see much more Daryl Dixon next half-season," Gimple said.

It looks like Daryl will be a big factor going forward, despite being a wildcard who doesn't exist in The Walking Dead's comics. He, Abraham, and Sasha and now the only three of the survivors we follow who have heard the name, "Negan," and surely they'll have to warn Rick when they make it back to Alexandria.