Samurai Jack Season 5 Behind-The-Scenes Featurette Released

Just weeks after the release of the first official promo art for the reborn series, Cartoon Network has released a featurette allowing fans a peek behind the scenes at Samurai Jack.

You can check it out above.

The show will return later this year during Adult Swim's Toonami block and is currently in production in Los Angeles.

The four-time Primetime Emmy Award winning series that has its roots in the early 2000's is back! Samurai Jack, created by Genndy Tartakovsky follows Jack, a samurai who travelled through time with the quest to head back to where he came from and defeat the demon Aku.

"I feel like it's culminating to a fever pitch almost." said Tartakovsky in a previous interview with "I feel like it's time to maybe finish the story. We've been trying to get the feature off the ground but maybe that's just fate's way of saying this is a television thing and maybe it should be a mini-series or something like that."

He reiterated much of that in the featurette above, saying that it was within two weeks after resigning himself to finishing the story on television that the deal was done. Tartakovsky also indicates that a lot has changed since the previous series finale, and that while this does pick up threads from the original story, it's a lot of years after the fact, and there's been a lot that's changed.

"Making [Samurai Jack] for Adult Swim versus Cartoon Network, it's been a really big challenge," Tartakovsky admitted. "I didn't want to go full-on heads getting chopped off and blood spurting everywhere, but at the same time I wanted to...take advantage of some of those [opportunities.]"

The show ended in 2004 but not before cultivating a die hard fanbase that has been clamoring for it's return for just over 10 years. Fans looking for their Jack fix got a small taste in comic form, thanks to IDW. The character also took part in the Super Secret Crisis War from writer Louise Simonson.