The Conjuring Now Third Highest-Grossing Horror Franchise Ever

The Conjuring continues to produce dividends for New Line and Warner Bros. Now thanks to The [...]


The Conjuring continues to produce dividends for New Line and Warner Bros. Now thanks to The Conjuring 2, the franchise has accomplished a significant feat.

The sequel has earned $301,572,241 million worldwide and thus has made James Wan's Conjuring franchise the third highest grossing horror franchise in cinema history (via Deadline). That franchise consists of three films, which include The Conjuring ($318 million), Annabelle ($259 million), and Conjuring 2. It surpasses the Saw franchise (Lionsgate), which consists of seven films ($874 million).

The only two franchises that remain ahead of The Conjuring are the Paranormal Activity films (Paramount/Blumhouse), which have amassed $889 million, and the Resident Evil series (Screen Gems), which includes five films and has brought in a total of $915 million so far. While the Paranormal Activity series might be at its end, there is one more Resident Evil film coming that will conclude the franchise, so it has one more chance to buffer its lead.

The Conjuring franchise isn't going away, however, and will release Annabelle 2 next year. There is also a treatment planned for another spinoff film, centered on The Nun from Conjuring 2. If all of them are made for similar low budgets (Conjuring 2 only cost $40 million to make) and continue to hit the same level of box office, that number two spot could be conquered very soon.

Veronika Kwan Vandenberg, Warner Bros. president of worldwide distribution, addressed the franchise's recent achievement. "Like its predecessors, The Conjuring 2 is resonating with moviegoers everywhere as an exhilarating cinematic experience, and its fans are spreading the word. We are delighted with the response to the film and congratulate New Line, the filmmakers and cast on its success."