The Walking Dead: Crazy, Conspiracy Theory About Infected's Shock Ending

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If you did not watch the "Infected" episode of The Walking Dead, but still plan to do so, then stop reading now. If you did watch the episode or don't plan to watch but want to know what all the fuss was about, AMC has released the ending online, which you can watch below. While rewatching the ending, I came up with a rather unusual conspiracy theory. First, I want to make clear that I have not seen any advance screeners for future episodes, so this theory is purely speculation on my part. Here's my theory. When Tyreese discovers the bodies, they are charred beyond recognition. The only reason that Tyreese thinks one of the bodies is Karen is because of the trail of blood from her cell and because Karen's bracelet is on the arm of one of the bodies. Of course, these two pieces of evidence would probably be enough to make most people think it would be Karen. However, they are also two things that could be faked. Someone could easily have taken blood from another body and created the path from Karen's cell. With corpses in ready supply during the zombie apocalypse, someone could also have put Karen's bracelet on a different corpse before burning the body. Why would someone want to do that? Well, there are two possibilities that I can think of. The Governor could have kidnapped Karen for information and wanted to make Rick's group think she was dead. Of course, if that is the case, then it could create complications since Karen was supposedly ill. The other possibility, which I think could be more likely, is that Karen faked her own death. Who is the last person that most would suspect in the killings? It would probably be Karen, since she is supposedly one of the victims. What if Karen was the traitor in the group who had been feeding the walkers? What if  someone else stumbled upon her secret? What if the other person that discovered her secret was David from the Decatur group? Who is to say that Karen was really sick? Maybe she just had a cough or was faking. When she found out she was going to be quarantined, she's the one who pointed out that David was also coughing. What if she saw the quarantine as her opportunity to kill David? What if she faked her own death to cover it up? I know it's a crazy, conspiracy theory, and I'm not even convinced that this will be the way things unfold. But The Walking Dead writers like to shock people, and there's no more shocking twist I can think of than if Karen were still alive and faked her own death.