The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Will Show Negan's Kill

Warning! Spoilers for The Walking Dead season six finale follow!After The Walking Dead Season 6 [...]

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Warning! Spoilers for The Walking Dead season six finale follow!

After The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale ended in a huge cliffhanger, fans have been speculating as to how long they will have to wait to find out who was on the receiving end of Negan's bat. Given The Walking Dead's tendency to sometimes focus on different story lines from episode to episode, some fans have been wondering if The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere might focus on the Alexandria Safe-Zone or Morgan and Carol rather than dealing with the Negan cliffhanger.

However, The Walking Dead fans can put their minds at ease. In an interview with, showrunner Scott Gimple confirmed that Negan's kill will be addressed in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere - and it will be brutal.

"In many ways, what we saw last night was the end of the story of season six," says Gimple. "Where Rick winds up is completely different from where he started in episode one and episode nine. I've known for a while what is in 701 and presenting what occurs and to show what happened in full force. It is the beginning of the next story. The two - the showing of, it's an incredible work of gore by Charlie Adlard in the book, how we show that on TV - I'm certain that we'll be pushing some boundaries with it."

"Things are going to start off very, very, very dark because everybody knows where we're starting," Gimple says before a promising, "but that won't be the whole season."

In the mean time, Gimple doesn't think fans should waste their time trying to figure out who spent their last day on earth this Sunday. According to him, the answers aren't there yet.

"I believe there is no way," Gimple says of whether or not people can solve the cliffhanger based on the finale episode. "There are a couple of things in there that might help people possibly limit the amount of people who are vulnerable but I will say, I would recommend people not to go down that route. I truly don't think there is a way to puzzle it all out definitively. And I'll tell you the reasoning behind that: because these are incredibly smart fans to start with. Then you put it to this incredible crowd sourcing and there will get it. I'll tell you this with certainty - people will figure out exactly what happens in episode one even though aren't clues to determine it. I'm not talking about spoilers. People will figure it out and there's things in one that there's no way they should be able to. I've just seen it again and again - if you put this many smart people together, I don't know if they're tapping into the idea space of it all or if we're talking about a collective consciousness or something but at this point, it's amazing. People figure things out. Granted, it might be one comment among a thousand comments but there is absolutely no doubt that someone will figure it out. There will be no way they can figure it out but they'll still figure it out."

We'll find out in October when The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season.