Who Won San Diego Comic Con?

San Diego Comic-Con wasn't just a massive convention for fans of comics, movies, TV and every other type of geeky pursuit. It was a fierce competition between comic publishers and movie studios for the eyes and attentions of millions of fans. As Comic-Con has grown, more and more entertainment brands realize that Comic-Con can make (or break) their upcoming film or television project. Now that the extravaganza is over, we've had time to properly digest and assess the biggest news and announcements to come from the west coast and answer the question: Who won Comic-Con?

At the heart of Comic-Con are comics, and this year DC dominated the comics announcements from beginning to end. Not only did the publisher announce a revival of their flagging Vertigo line and a new line of comics featuring the popular Milestone characters, they also announced new projects from top-tier creators like Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and J. Michael Straczynski. DC wasn't the only comic publisher with big news. Dark Horse surprised many by revealing a new Joss Whedon written comic was on the way, starring Twyst, a "Victorian female Batman" type of character. While Marvel announced their major line reboot a week early, they also saved some small announcements for Comic-Con, including a new all ages Spider-Man book and a new Blade series starring the vampire hunter and his teenage daughter.

Saturday was all about the comic book movies, and Fox and Warner Bros. both came to impress. DC opened the fight with surprise footage from its upcoming Suicide Squad movie, giving fans their first look at fan favorites like Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn and the Joker. They also showed off a new trailer for Batman v. Superman, which the public saw immediately after the panel ended. The trailer due over 35 million views on Facebook and Twitter, insane numbers for any video, let alone a trailer.

Fox answered Warner Bros. challenge with surprise trailers for both Deadpooland X-Men: Apocalypse. Deadpool was the big crowd favorite at Hall H, with fans chanting to see the trailer again almost immediately after it aired. Fans raved about the Deadpool trailer, although it unfortunately has yet to be seen by the public.

While Marvel Studios skipped this year's event (since Ant-Man had appeared at Comic-Con last year and Captain America: Civil War was still filming), Disney brought Star Wars to Hall H on Friday night, delighting the crowd with appearances by Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. While Disney didn't reveal any new footage, they did show off a pretty cool "behind the scenes" video, which teased plenty of cool effects and scenes from the new movie.

The Walking Dead dominated an otherwise quiet weekend for television shows at Comic-Con. The long running zombie show not only released a trailer for its sixth season, it also announced the start of its highly anticipated spinoff show Fear the Walking Dead. CW's slate of superhero films only had a few small announcements, with a new costume and code name for Oliver Queen in Arrow and the reveal of the new big bad in the upcoming season of The Flash. Marvel's television shows were also pretty quiet, with only a few small details about the upcoming season revealed.

So who "won" Comic-Con? There were a lot of worthy candidates this year, but in our opinion, DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. won the weekend with a strong presence in every aspect of the convention. While both Disney and Fox arguably had bigger buzz surrounding their movie panels, DC brought a strong slate of comic announcements to the convention along with their usual television presence. Ultimately, though, it's the attendees and fans who truly won Comic-Con. Based on all the amazing announcements and cool trailers, 2015 and 2016 are shaping up to be a fun year.


Agree? Disagree? Who do you think won San Diego Comic Con 2015? Let us know in the comments below.