Is Tommy Going To Be Part Of The 'Power Rangers' 25th Anniversary Episode?

Power Rangers' 25th anniversary is right around the corner, and Jason David Frank mighty have just tipped his involvement in the big reunion episode.

Frank has been open to returning the franchise, but he indicated to That Hashtag Show that it could happen sooner than later. When they asked where Frank thinks Tommy is in the Power Rangers universe, Frank teased we would find out soon.

"Well, I think at this point currently, I think maybe next year we will all find out where Tommy is in the current universe," Frank said. "I have a few people working on some stuff just trying to figure out where would Tommy be, you know what I mean? And we are kind of putting all together and throwing it together to see so maybe next year we will find out where Tommy is gonna be."

When Frank spoke about reunion episodes previously, he didn't give anything away, but he did indicate Tommy is always around.

"I think just with the cameo in the movie, doing the movie, and Saban's always got tricks up their sleeve, so I'm not saying, I can't confirm that, but just watching the Japanese footage and seeing things that, my character's always alive in there, no matter what," Frank said.

Ironically the Green Ranger actually died in the original Super Sentai series, but the character of Tommy has eclipsed all expectations, including Saban's at one time. That's why they brought him back to the show after they wrote him off, and it took some creative uses of leftover footage to make it work for as long as they did.

Eventually, he would become the White Ranger, followed by stints as the Red Ranger (Zeo, Turbo) and the Black Ranger (Dino Thunder).

As for the 25th Anniversary, not much is known, but it seems like both Ciara Hanna (Megaforce, Super Megaforce) and Jason Faunt (Time Force) could be involved. Hopefully, Saban won't wait too long to release more details, but in the meantime, you can see what we'd love to see here.