Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel 'Fan Frenzy' Recap

It's time for a brand new episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, and you can stay right here for a full live rundown of the episode!

At the school, the Rangers are playing pool and Levi is approached by a talent agency for a burger place, but Levi turns her down. Levi is then approached by Chaz, a fan who Levi evidently signed an autograph for, but Levi reveals he thinks his manager signed it. He tells Chaz it would be great to hang out sometime.

Things transition to Galaxy Warriors, where Dreadwolf shows what he can do. He can insert a claw into the back of their necks and they turn into a werewolf, which he shows the power of by using Cosmo Royale as an example.

We see Simone Swift on the phone walking out and needing someone for the campaign. She finds Victor and Monty and offers to make Victor a star. We then see Calvin and Mick pull up and mick heads into a hardware store. One of Cosmo's cameras spots Calvin and he notices, so he calls the other Rangers.

They dash out to head towards Calvin but are stopped by Chaz who wants a picture with Levi on his Burger Camera. He takes it but then dashes out. The Ranges then encounter Dreadwolf, who calls upon a host of Kudabots to battle the Rangers. They then start fighting, and Dreadwolf takes on the Gold Ranger solo. He uses a special attack to knock Levi down and then launches his special claws towards Levi.

Levi dodges the claws but Mick is hit with one. Dreadwolf leaves and the Ranges go to help Mick, but they aren't aware he has been hit and neither is he. They head off to shop class, where Chaz comes in with a hat similar to Levi. He then asks Levi if he can come to meet his friends as he's already told them Levi will, but Levi tells him to give him some space.

Mick is late to class but when he does show up he is sporting werewolf features with hair all over his arms and face. He starts to lose control and they held him down. They figure out a claw is in his back and remove it, turning him back to normal.

The action then transitions outside where Victor and Monty are rehearsing for his big role. Chaz breaks the news that Levi isn't coming to the park and they leave, but because he's wearing a similar outfit Dreadwolf mistakes him for the Gold Ranger, and he launches an attack. He throws a claw at Chaz but Chaz falls, letting the claw hit Victor instead. He then launches another claw hitting Chaz.

Thanks internet outage, so had to skip a section.

The Rangers battle Dreadwolf, and Levi races towards him. Brody throws him the Lion Fire Armor Star and Levi transforms into Lion Fire Gold. Preston then throws him his sword so that Levi is double wielding. He uses his Lion Fire Gold final attack to finish him off, but then he is gigantified, so it is time to call the Zords. A Ninja Fire Ultra Strike and a Ninja Super Steel Blast finishes Dreadwolf off.

It then transitions to the park, where Levi comes to apologize to Chaz for his behavior earlier. He then meets Chaz's friends and sits down to make music with Chaz and his friends.


Things go back to Monty and Victor, here Monty lures him off with a hamburger and then removes the claw from Victor, turning him back to normal. Swift comes in and offers him a contract for a million dollars, but it has to be as the wolf, and Victor reveals he can't do that anymore, so she tears up the contract.

Alright folks, that was this week's episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. What did you think?