Jason Faunt Gives His Take On The 'Power Rangers' Movie

The Power Rangers movie has its fans and detractors, but recently we got the chance to ask a [...]

The Power Rangers movie has its fans and detractors, but recently we got the chance to ask a member of the Time Force what he thought of the long-awaited reboot.

Time Force's Red Ranger Jason Faunt stopped by the ComicBook.com offices to talk about a variety of Ranger topics, including the recent reboot. "You know I'm very judgemental because if I'm not the Red Ranger then no one should be, but I thought they did a great job," Faunt said. "I liked the way they really took the time to tell the story. I liked all the characters and have met a few of them since, and I enjoyed the story and thought they did a really good job."

That narrative choice to focus on the pre-Ranger characters can be a negative or positive depending on who you talk to, but for Faunt it is definitely on the pro side. That was very much on purpose according to Power Rangers director Dean Israelite.

"This is what got me interested in the movie – this is a Power Rangers movie where the Power Rangers can't morph," Israelite said. And I thought that was a very clever way in. Because you're expecting, in the conventional trope of a superhero movie that they become superheroes, and get their armor, and sure they'll have to train and figure it out, but that they get those tools. What I thought was potentially so clever was this idea that getting your armor was a metaphor. And you had to delay them getting their armor until they had earned it for that metaphor to make any sense."

For Faunt and others, it seems to have worked, and the cast ended up coming off as extremely likable. Fingers are crossed for a sequel amongst the fandom, and you can definitely include Faunt in their corner.

Power Rangers currently has a 73.19 on ComicBook.com's composite rankings, and you can find submit your vote here.

Power Rangers is available on digital platforms, Blu-ray, and DVD.

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