Justice League/Power Rangers #6 Review - An Epic Finale

Justice League/Power Rangers is finally coming to a close, and while it had its share of delays, [...]

Justice League/Power Rangers is finally coming to a close, and while it had its share of delays, it seems like the wait was worth it.

Spoilers incoming for Justice League/Power Rangers #6, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

The big finale pits the newly restored Power Rangers and their new Justice League friends against the forces of Brainiac and Lord Zedd. There's plenty of delightful nods for fans of both franchises, but this issue is clearly meant for the Power Rangers to shine.

Take for example one particular fight later in the issue. it will be hard to top the amazing visual of seeing a giant Alpha 5 teaming up with the Megazord to take on a giant Lord Zedd. Yep, that happens, and it is as fantastic as it sounds. The issue also brings back a humorous combo from the last issue, and Green Arrow and Pink Ranger fans will be in heaven because of it.

While this issue is action focused, writer Tom Taylor still works in some great character moments, like the epic burn Billy dishes out to Brainiac. Not even kidding, but that is going in the Power Rangers burn hall of fame. There are delightful moments like that all throughout the issue, moments that are only helped by the bright and colorful art of Stephen Byrne. By issue's end, you'll want half of the pages hanging on your wall.

Surprisingly the book even managed to deliver a nice tease for a sequel, which will likely depend on how well this one sold. This was the perfect number of issues for a team-up like this, and there will likely be a bevy of fans lining up for another go around with these two teams.

Justice League/Power Rangers #6 is perfectly in line with what you've come to expect from the series. It's witty, action-packed, colorful, and above all fun, and it more than deserves a spot on your pull list.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Justice League/Power Rangers #6 is in comic shops now.