Legend of the White Dragon Storyboard Clip Features Jason David Frank Revealing Death of a Ranger

Bat in the Sun launched a new Kickstarter campaign a few weeks ago for Legend of the White Dragon, a project that stars several big-name actors from the Power Rangers franchise in a world similar to the one fans love but with a darker and more mature tone than we are used to from the television series. Bat in the Sun released a trailer for the project that looked incredibly promising, and if funded that would be turned into a full feature film. Now we've got a look at an exclusive storyboard clip from the film that reveals a bit more about what happened to the Green Ranger during the battle that changed everything, and it even features narration by the Green Ranger himself Jason David Frank.

The clip has the Green Ranger falling form the sky and creating a crater in the ground, and as revealed in the narration when he woke up the city was destroyed. As we learn towards the tail end of the clip, the Pink Ranger also died during this battle, as he is holding her in his arms. This might be why Chrysti Ane poster features the words "Keep Hope Alive", and perhaps that is who Johnny Yong Bosch is referring to as still alive in the full trailer.

We also have a glimpse at new concept art from the film, and it features not only the White Dragon battling in the suit we saw in the teaser but he's fighting someone in similar armor that is Black and Red. It would be easy to go with the Black Dragon as a title, but we aren't sure about the name of this mysterious figure or who it actually is underneath the suit. We do know it looks slick though.

(Photo: Bat in the Sun)

If you want to see more, Bat in the Sun has launched a Kickstarter to make this a reality, and you can learn more about it right here!

You can check out the official description below.

"In the Aftermath, the city was left decimated. A past reminder of the great battle and fall of heroes. As a result of the death and destruction the city became known as Angel Graves. The heroes were blamed, stripped of their titles and hunted. But as evil once again threatens to return, they must rise from the ashes with the power of the White Dragon.

Now that they have located the White Dragon crystal, they must convince the "once hero" to dawn the crystal's powers. It is to late? Has the government's secret Dragon project reached a point of no return? In the climax of the story, the two dragons must battle for the fate of the city and possibly the world!"


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