Legend of the White Dragon Trailer Released

Bat in the Sun is finally pulling the lid off their mysterious project, which includes a slew of [...]

Bat in the Sun is finally pulling the lid off their mysterious project, which includes a slew of stars from the Power Rangers franchise. The new project is called Legend of the White Dragon, and while it might not bear the Power Rangers name, fans of the franchise will not be disappointed. As you can see in the new trailer, things haven't been so great in the city in the aftermath of a huge battle, one that saw the downfall of the city's heroes. The ones left were blamed and cast out, but something is around the corner that requires them to unite once more, though doing so may prove difficult.

The trailer features a team that consists of Jason Faunt, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Ciara Hanna attempting to corral a wayward warrior played by Jason David Frank. They surround the dilapidated building he's running through and attempt to reason with him. They attempt to cuff him but he fights back, shooting at them with their own guns until Bosch whips out two laser swords and charges at Frank.

They get into an impressive duel, but Frank is able to knock the swords away. Bosch then asks "why are you hiding? Why won't you join the fight", but he pitch doesn't quite work out, as Frank powers up his fist with green energy and knocks Bosch back into a wall.

(Photo: Bat in the Sun)

Frank then says "I've lost everything! They've taken everything from me!"

Bosch counters "We've all made sacrifices." When Frank asks "what do you want", Bosch says "you're the key!". He then says they've found something to restore balance, the White Dragon Crystal, and tells Frank his blood is the key. He doesn't buy it though since they attacked him, even though Hanna says it was just to make sure he wasn't a clone.

Bosch gets him back though by telling him "She's alive! Your daughter, she's alive. It's what your wife would've wanted!"

At that point, Frank says if he's lying he will come after him, but takes the crystal. He then says "White Dragon" and transforms, and the suit looks awesome. After that, he flies upwards through the roof and off into the sky.

If you want to see more, Bat in the Sun has launched a Kickstarter to make this into a full feature film, and you can learn more about it right here!

You can check out the official description below.

"In the Aftermath, the city was left decimated. A past reminder of the great battle and fall of heroes. As a result of the death and destruction the city became known as Angel Graves. The heroes were blamed, stripped of their titles and hunted. But as evil once again threatens to return, they must rise from the ashes with the power of the White Dragon.

Now that they have located the White Dragon crystal, they must convince the "once hero" to dawn the crystal's powers. It is to late? Has the government's secret Dragon project reached a point of no return? In the climax of the story, the two dragons must battle for the fate of the city and possibly the world!"

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