Power Morphicon Reveals Exclusive Lord Drakkon Legacy Figure Art And Order Details

Power Morphicon will have an amazing exclusive figure this year, and now it's showing off some [...]

Power Morphicon will have an amazing exclusive figure this year, and now it's showing off some brand new art for it.

That figure would be none other than Lord Drakkon, who hails from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series. Power Morphicon previously announced the figure as its exclusive, but now a new piece of art shows what fans can expect from the figure. From the art, it appears that Drakkon will wield both the Dragon Dagger and Saba, a nice bonus for fans who purchase one.

The convention also released more details on how you can get your hands on the anticipated figure. While there will be limited supplies of figures at the show itself, Power Morphicon highly recommends ordering one via your pre-registration package. Each tier will have access to a different amount of Lord Drakkon figures, each of which will cost $50. The Lord Drakkon figure will also come in a Bandai America Legacy box with special slipcover.

(Photo: Power Morphicon)

The specific tier information can be found below, and the new image can be found above.

Platinum – 10 per membership
Gold – 6 per membership
Silver – 4 per membership
Red – 3 per membership
Blue and Yellow – 2 per membership

The exclusive figure was previously announced at a $40 price point, which Power Morphicon addressed on their site.

"As with all things, changes happen. Bandai raised the quote that was initially given to us. The cost of the figure increased by the addition of the distribution costs that were not originally in the quote."

Now, the good news is that if you already pre-ordered their mystery figure at the earlier $40 price point, you won't be out any additional funds.

"Pre-orders will stay at the earlier price point. We will take the loss on all of the pre-ordered figures. All sales starting today will be priced at $50/ea."

You can adjust your registration packages here.

Lord Drakkon has quickly risen to popularity thanks to his debut story in the comics. Drakkon is the dark dimensions' version of Tommy Oliver, a version that decided to side with Rita after being freed from her control. He would lead her forces against the Rangers and win, taking the White Ranger's power as well. He will be returning in a big way in this year's Shattered Grid, so rest assured you will want to grab this figure if you can.