'Power Rangers: Beast Morphers' Director Gets Pushback From Fans

2019 is the year that Power Rangers: Beast Morphers hits television screens, though from the [...]

2019 is the year that Power Rangers: Beast Morphers hits television screens, though from the director's recent comments it would seem we definitely know the show will skew younger, as he doesn't even think most fans who watch know how to use Twitter.

The Power Rangers television show has always skewed a bit younger, but in recent years fans have asked for the show to increase it's scope a bit to include enough content for some of the older fans of the franchise. Many saw the changing of the guard from Saban to Hasbro as a way to make that happen, so you can kind of understand why director' Simon Bennett's recent Twitter comment caused some ruckus. Not in an offended way mind you, just in a "that bodes well for understanding your audience" sort of way.

This was part of a conversation on Twitter between Dave Fong and Bennett, where Fong said: "I've been miss the times when @Pookina1 would live tweet #ShortlandStreet along with us, responding to our questions and providing insights and anecdotes about what was happening behind the scenes for particular scenes and episodes."

Bennett then said "Directing Power Rangers these days," to which Fong replied, "Does anyone live tweet Power Rangers?"

If you follow PR twitter on Saturdays during the season you know several people live tweet reactions to it, but Bennett said "Don't think so. Not even on telly here." He then said, "And I don't think the kids who watch PR even know what Twitter is."

After that several fans of the show, including Ranger Liz and Steven Zurita, pointed out that there are plenty of active Power Rangers fans on Twitter. Bennett then replied "Great to hear. I stand corrected. Loving Beast Morphers. Can't wait for people to see it. Cheers."

He then added another response to make sure fans didn't take his comment the wrong way. "I didn't mean to cast aspersions on the Ranger fan base. I was more talking about Twitter as a platform. I have two kids: 12 and 17 - they and their friends don't use Twitter."

Again, not the biggest deal in the world, though the fans who thought that Beast Morphers would shake up the formula in that regard might want to check their expectations a bit. You also have to remember that while this is the first Hasbro owned show, this series was already in development before that deal went through, so odds are it won't be quite as different as some might have hoped.

Either way, we're excited to see it, and thankfully we don't have to wait much longer, as Beast Morphers hits later this year.