Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cast Talks Emotional Finale, Favorite Moments, Dino Fury, and More (Exclusive)

Power Rangers Beast Morphers is just about to come to a close, and with the finale right around [...]

Power Rangers Beast Morphers is just about to come to a close, and with the finale right around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to get some of the amazing cast together to talk about their favorite moments from the series, that awesome team-up episode, the big finale, and more. Luckily ComicBook.com had the chance to do just that, as we talked to Rorrie D Travis (Devon), Jasmeet Baduwalia (Ravi), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey), and Abraham Rodriguez (Nate) about all of those things and more, but first we had to kick things off with what their favorite memory was from filing it over the course of two seasons.

"I think we all have a lot of favorite moments, with the whole two season, 44 episode run, there are so many super fun episodes," Rodriguez said. "A few that stick out for me is when I turn into the Gold Power Ranger, the eighth episode, as well as when my parents come, that's a great episode. Me and Zoey, our kiss, that's a great episode. And of course the musical. Yeah, those are some of my favorites."

"Yeah. I feel like there are so many. Every episode had significant memories. It's also so hard to remember all of them because it feels like it's been years since we did it," Scislowski said. "For me, specific episode-wise, definitely also the musical, and always, forever and always, Ingrid Ironaxe from the Halloween episode. That was probably one of my most favorite, most memorable episodes to film."

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"I think I would have to agree with Jacque, the musical was also one of my favorites," Baduwalia said. "Halloween, on the other hand, that was just so fun. I didn't know how to do a British accent, so we had our vocal coach come to our apartment and teach me and Rorrie, and it was just so fun. Also just doing all the stunts. I think doing the stunts was just something that I thought I would never do, doing those kicks, rolling on the ground, hurting myself, but it was very, very fun."

"Yeah, exactly, Jazz. Same thing, I think the training that we all did, that was a very good experience, and a very enlightening experience of just how far we had to go with our martial arts training," Travis said. "One of my favorite episodes is when me, Jazz, and Jacque are fighting, we're doing the stick training, the staff training, and I had to teach you guys. That was really fun. Yeah. It's just a lot of moments, a lot of moments."

It would be hard to mention favorite episodes without mentioning the musical episode, which also happened to be the first in the franchise, and the cast adores it just as much as fans do.

"It was so much fun. I'm sure it's everyone's literal all-time favorite for the entire show. It was such a different experience," Rodriguez said. "Obviously, we've never done that in the show, Power Rangers has never done that in general, so it was so different and so much fun, and we worked so hard. We went in on our days off for rehearsals, and any second we got, we were going over our routine. Me and Jacque, we had those videos that you posted on Instagram, where we were practicing in my apartment. Yeah, it was so much fun, and so memorable. It was a crazy day. We did an entire day of filming just for that musical number. So it was really crazy and intense, and lots of hard work, but I really think it's the most memorable."

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"And I think also, just the other dancers that came in, and that were in the musical episodes with us, they were amazing," Baduwalia said. "They made it even more fun, and just getting them and seeing their skills. It also just brought us a lot closer too, because just like Abraham was saying, we were going in on our days off, and just spending another five or six hours with each other learning this dance. It was very, very hard for me because I'm the one that doesn't dance out the group. Obviously, my castmates helped."

"Me and Jazz, we were working on it. We were working on it," Travis said.

As for the finale, the cast did get emotional saying goodbye to the show and the crew, though not while they filmed the finale itself.

"Well, what was weird is that we didn't, we filmed the finale amongst three episodes, so I think we filmed the finale shot ... I don't think we filmed that on the last day of filming. It was so weird because we had the wrap party, and then we still had to go to work the next day, and so the emotions were so confusing," Scislowski said.

"It was very awkward," Baduwalia added.

"But I think during the table read, we were really emotional when we read through it, because it was the last table read," Scislowski said. "And, of course, everything that happens with Nate and Steel, I mean, it was just like the family, it's coming to an end. It was sad."

"I think our most emotional day was that very last day on second unit, remember Jacque? We were crying. We were holding our helmets for the very last time, and when we drove away from that outside location. Because when we filmed the finale episode, we still had a whole week of re-shoots, and pickups, and more filming, so it didn't really feel like it was the end," Rodriquez said. "And like Jacque was saying, it was amongst filming three other episodes. So it wasn't necessarily like that was emotional, because we knew we still had more filming to come. But that very last day, on that location shoot, I just remember us driving away in the van and waving to everyone."

"No more smelling the pastries in the background," Travis added. "I have a video of me crying," Scislowski said.

"Well, now, you cried in your speech, Jacque. In your speech, our last shot," Travis revealed.

"Oh my gosh. Yes, we did speeches, all of us," Scislowski said. "When we did our final scenes, we all did speeches, and I, the whole day, was like, 'I'm not crying. This is embarrassing that I'm not getting emotional. I'm just fine.' And I get up to do my speech, and I kid you not, everybody thought I was joking, and acting and faking it, but I literally was like, 'Gather around, gather around.' And then I was like, 'Waaa.'

"We had so many laughs because we do have two units, so we had that whole thing, the speeches on first, main unit, and then we had to do it all over again second unit. But yeah, it was a lot of endings and then pickups and everything," Rodriguez said.

"It was like a week of sadness," Scislowski said.

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Speaking of the finale, there are quite a few highlights, though as warning things do get a little spoilery from this point on, so if you want to go into the episode unspoiled don't look any further.

Each member of the cast has one particular moment that stood out most for them. For Rorrie, that was easily his big promotion as Commander, which came with a stylish Commander suit.

"During the read-through, I'm like, 'Okay. This is one of the last scenes. 'Oh. Oh, okay. Watch out now.' So I get to have a commander-style suit, and I think you can feel my spirit as it just pans over to me. 'Yes, this is right, right? This is right.' But no, it was definitely an honor for the writers to do that for Devon, and it's really crazy," Travis said. "Just a year later, Devon went from really not caring about anything, just being kind of a gamer, the slacker in a sense, to becoming the leader of the team, to becoming the commander in a year. I mean, this guy, he's just done everything, hasn't he?"

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There were two that stood out to Jacqueline, and they couldn't be more different.

"Oh man. Within that specific final episode, just randomly, I love the moment when we got shot out of the tower and we were all stumbling," Scislowski said. "I just loved that moment that Abe had where he was like, 'No, we still have to go back. We have to go get his brother.' That's right when we just saw Steel kind of evaporate, and then we had this cute little moment where I got to grab his face and I was like, 'We have to go.' And I just remember, I just loved being able to do such a dramatic scene and watching Abe and feeling it. I remember being emotional for him and for Steel, and I don't know, it's just such a different scene we got to do, and I just loved doing that and seeing what it looked like on the screen."

"I think that's my favorite dynamic in the episode as well," Rodriguez said. "Zoey really was there for Nate so much, even when we walked in with the commander, and Rorrie does that speech, telling everyone that it's now only four of us. And I'm standing there, and then Zoey goes over and... you're just massaging my shoulder. Little moments like that that we've never gotten to do before. It was so cool to play that side of emotions because it's not every episode that there's something so heavy like this."

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"So yeah, I agree 1000% with Jacque. That was really fun to do and just super intense even when, in that finale, where Evox takes down Steel and we're yelling and covering ourselves," Rodriguez said. "It's so funny because you see the episode and you see this green vortex powerful thing, but when we were filming that, it was nothing. We're just over here pretending to save ourselves from something we can't even see. So we're like, 'It's so strong!' blah, blah, blah, whatever. And then Steel going down and then them grabbing me, and I'm struggling and I just want to fight and go and get him. It was a lot of energy and just high stakes. And again, it's not every episode that we do something that powerful. So that was really fun and just an awesome experience with my beautiful castmates that we all shared."

"I think mine was definitely the rolling down the mountain, just like how they were talking about. And then seeing that Steel laying there and we think that Steel's done, we think he's dead. Then having that speech, I was even feeling it too and he's not even my brother, he's part of my Ranger crew. So I think that one hit all of us too, because just the moment, the vibe, the lines, everything was there, the way Rorrie delivered that paragraph was just so heartfelt and it felt so genuine that it affected me as if that was my brother too. So I think, out of the finale, those were the most impactful moments for me," Baduwalia said.

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The season wasn't all tears though and included an epic crossover episode with some legendary Rangers, and the cast was thrilled.

"I remember when we were told that we were getting the legendary Rangers and automatically we were all so excited, so pumped, so many questions. How was it on their season? Their own acting methods, the preparation that they go through before going on set? So when they did come, meeting Austin St. John, the original red, meeting an icon and meeting Brennan, Yoshi, Davi, meeting all of them," Baduwalia said. "It was just so fun to be around them because they had so many stories of what they went through. They would take us to places. Let's go here, let's go there. Having dinner with them every night. That, and then also just filming with them. I was so excited. I usually get up 20 minutes before my cast driver comes, but with them, I was up 30 to 45 minutes earlier. They just made it so much more fun. They were so humble and so nice. Any question that we had, they would answer it truthfully and they're just amazing. I have nothing but good things to say about them."

"My favorite moment, I think I've said before, definitely was working with Austin St. John," Travis said. "He was just a great guy. The first time we were on set, well the first time he came on set, I had hurt myself on the second unit and I did something with my ankle, I can't even remember what I did, a flip or something. I'm sitting in the green room and here comes Austin St. John. St. John and his assistant had some type of training to where they could examine my foot and I'm literally freaking out. My brother is a huge, original, Mighty Morphin fan, right? So I'm like, okay, I know who Austin St. John is, this is Austin St. John. He's just speaking to me so casually and I'm freaking out in my body. I'm just like, okay, here he is."

"That's very cool. Wow, you're fixing my foot. Life's amazing," Travis said. "And so he bandages up my foot and then I go and work with him later on. But same thing as Jazz said, all the other guys are great. Yoshi, Brennan, James, Davi, they were all great. Very insightful guys because they just tried to give us as much knowledge as they could, and still are giving us knowledge about how it is to be a Ranger, post-Rangers. But wasn't it cool when me and Jason came out of the vortex? You guys, that was my favorite moment of all. I'm just like, this is so iconic right now. With the blasters, I feel like Nate right now, like, yes."

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Now the Beast Morphers team takes the mantle of legendary Rangers as the world gears up to meet the new team, Dino Fury, so we had to ask if the team has any advice to pass along to the new recruits.

"I feel like they need to give us advice because they seem to be killing it," Scislowski said. "That is all we keep saying, like, 'How are they going on runs right now? How do they have energy to go out and see New Zealand?' They're killing it, so, honestly, I don't even know if they need our advice. They're dominating."

"Yeah, just like how Rorrie said, because when we were filming you get so caught up in filming and being tired, just wanting to go home and just go to sleep," Baduwalia said. "At the end of the day, you're in New Zealand. It's so beautiful, so green, so many different places to visit. So one piece of advice from me, it's, aside from just filming the show, it's just to live it up. You're in New Zealand, see the places that you wouldn't be able to see if you're in America and just make memories because by the time you're in the United States, when you're done filming, you think about, 'Oh, I should have went to that. Oh, I should've went here. I should've went there.' So while you're there, just live it up because don't take any day for granted. Have fun. Of course, kill it in the filming, but make memories and friends forever."

Sound advice, and when we asked if they would be up for returning as Legendary Rangers, they seemed ready to go. "I've already bought a ticket that's for whenever," Scislowski joked. "I haven't, but, in my mind."

The Power Rangers Beast Morphers finale airs tomorrow, Saturday, December 12th at 8 AM CST, and let us know what you thought of the finale and the season in the comments, or feel free to talk all things Power Rangers with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!