Iggy Azalea Turned Down Power Rangers' Rita Repulsa Role

Fans look back on the 2017 Power Rangers movie fondly for a number of reasons, including how the [...]

Fans look back on the 2017 Power Rangers movie fondly for a number of reasons, including how the film handled the Green Ranger mythos, blending it with Rita Repulsa's backstory and making her the original Green Ranger. Fans will remember that Elizabeth Banks memorably brought the character of Rita to life, but according to Iggy Azalea, at one point she was evidently the choice to play the villainous part but decided to turn it down for several reasons, reasons she explained to Nick Cannon on his radio show on Power 106.

The conversation started by Cannon asking if she's been interested in acting roles, to which she said she's been offered things but typically turns them down. She even referenced her Postmates commercial, joking that if anyone has seen if they know she can't act. Cannon thinks she would be great though, especially in a superhero movie, and that brought the conversation to a story about Power Rangers.

"You know what, funnily enough, random story, I was almost the villain in a movie," Azalea said. "Power Rangers. You had to film it in like Vancouver or somewhere and it took like a movie length amount of time and I was like 'I ain't doing that s***"."

After Cannon gave her a hard time for not taking a movie because of a long flight, she elaborated a bit, adding that she was also a bit intimidated.

"But you know what also I was intimidated because I knew that there was no way I would be able to play that villain because...I just...I don't know I was scared. I was scared by the concept of the whole thing," Azalea said.

Earlier in the interview, she gave a bit more insight into how she views her acting ability. "I just feel like anytime I'm having a natural conversation I'm able to do that and tell my stories or whatever, and people will tell me that they could imagine me being good at being an actress, but I'm not...as soon as I see something on a script somehow it just becomes that I'm a robot. I'm really bad at it," Azalea said.

You can watch the full interview above.

It's certainly an interesting revelation, and we're glad it worked out that Banks took on the role. This would have indeed been a bold and somewhat shocking casting at the time, but we're not sure how it would have played out over the long haul. Who knows, maybe she would've been great, though after seeing Banks in the role, we're glad she ended up becoming the film's Rita Repulsa.

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