Power Rangers: Jason David Frank Reveals Behind The Scenes Shattered Grid Trailer Footage

Jason David Frank and Kyle Higgins shocked the world with their Power Rangers Shattered Grid [...]

Jason David Frank and Kyle Higgins shocked the world with their Power Rangers Shattered Grid live-action trailer, and now we've got a look behind the scenes.

Frank released a lot of new footage from the set in the newest episode of My Morphin Vlog, including his metamorphosis into Lord Drakkon for the Kyle Higgins written and directed trailer. The trailer featured actual items from the original Power Rangers set, not to mention some impressive costumes, makeup, and effects.

That includes the wig, which Frank explains has the grey hairs hand stitched in, the makeup, which gave Frank the patented Drakkon darkened eyes and veins. He also reveals this is the first Lord Drakkon suit officially Saban approved, and lets fans know he is holding onto it.

"Everyone's going to love this character. They're gonna want a movie. They're gonna want a show, I just know it," Frank said.

It's always interesting to see how a costume comes together, with each piece providing one more step to the character you envision. While the helmet looks amazing, Frank did explain that he could barely see in it and it was fogging up. The shot looked great though, so it seems the extra effort was worth it.

You can check out the full video above.

In regards to Saban's seal of approval, that is really important for Frank when it comes to doing a Power Rangers related project.

"Ultimately, we were 100% in control, and of course, we wanted to get Saban signing off on it because it's a big thing for Saban to step behind us and put their logo and be proud of this product," Frank said. "It's not a fan film, it's not, "Cool, I want to try to be a character." This is, "Hey, we're validated by Saban and by Boom Comics." Which makes me very extremely happy because I love the brand, and there are a lot of things in store for the fans around the world from all different avenues of media to films."

Fans can check out Shattered Grid now in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 and Go Go Power Rangers #8, both of which are in stores. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 hits stores on April 18.