Spoiler-Free Review: 'Power Rangers Shattered Grid' Delivers An Epic Finale

The finale to the biggest event in Power Rangers comics is finally here, so the question is...does [...]

The finale to the biggest event in Power Rangers comics is finally here, so the question is...does it deliver?

This review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid #1 is completely spoiler-free, so feel free to read on without fear.

As we saw in the preview, the remaining Rangers are mounting a final assault on Drakkon's compound, and this sequence does not disappoint. Any Power Rangers fan will find something to like in this sequence, whether you've been around since the original Mighty Morphin days or became a member of the fandom with Power Rangers HyperForce. Regardless of when you fell in love with the franchise, there's something here for everyone, and even when the issue stakes out pathways in new territory it does so with precision.

Writer Kyle Higgins brings new elements in but never lets them steal the focus away from Drakkon's story. The scope of the story is massive at times, but these intriguing new elements are more like small seeds for deeper dives later on, enhancing the current arc but never acting as rabbit holes that feel underwhelming or undeveloped. We certainly want to see more, but now is not necessarily the time for it, and Higgins knows how to utilize restraint.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

The issue then takes a turn from what has come before, giving even more insight into the driving force behind all this. At first, it seems jarring, both in regards to the narrative and the artistic style, but once it settles in the choice proves worthwhile, revealing unexpected layers of someone who at first glance doesn't appear to have much more to give in regard to character. This was a pleasant surprise, giving insight into not just how this came to be but why. This wouldn't have been possible if Higgins doesn't play this character closer to the vest, but the patience seems to pay off.

It seems like a perfect time to address the artwork of the issue, which comes from the talented group of Daniele Di Nicuolo and Diego Galindo (pencils), Simona Di Gianfelice (Inks), Walter Baiamonte and Marcelo Costa (colors), and Ed Dukeshire (letters). The issue is split between two teams, and while it makes sense in the context of the narrative, there were times where I couldn't help but visualize what Daniele could've done with particular scenes.

That doesn't mean Galindo was disappointing mind you, as certain fight scenes (one, in particular, comes to mind) and more poignant moments later in the issue are right on the money with their impact and tone. Daniele just has a knack pulling incredible amounts of emotion from a scene though, and there's one specific sequence that might have been even better with that gifted touch.

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The end game is just as riveting as you might have hoped, though it isn't necessarily what you might go in expecting. While the stakes are high and tense battles take place, there's a finer focus here than is seen in the early pages of the issue. Those who are expecting that same approach throughout might be surprised at that decision, but it does work in service of the greater narrative. This sequence needed to be more personal in nature to bring certain ars full circle, and it does succeed in that regard.

As for the end, longtime fans will have plenty to digest here, including a Jason moment that in three panels effectively shows why he's always been one of the most beloved Red Rangers of all time. The team isn't done yet though, with another panel pulling on those longtime fan heartstrings hard. In fact, those moments make the ones that follow possibly more polarizing, as fans will not have every question answered by the time the credits roll. There is an open-endedness to Shattered Grid, though it does pay off the story and characters that it always promised to.

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Some will wish for more definitive answers, but while you won't have every question answered, you will get an incredible payoff that pays homage to the franchise and launches the comics side of the universe in bold new directions.

At their heart, Power Rangers are just flawed human beings who place the needs of others before themselves, and if you've ever wanted a perfect example of what makes a Ranger truly worthy of the title, look no further than Shattered Grid. These are the Power Rangers.

Published by: BOOM! Studios

Written by: Kyle Higgins

Drawn by: Daniele Di Nicuolo and Diego Galindo

Colors by: Walter Baiamonte and Marcelo Costa

Inks by: Simona Di Gianfelice

Letters by: Ed Dukeshire

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Power Rangers: Shattered Grid #1 hits comic stores on August 28th.