Super7's Power Rangers Ultimates are Available for Pre-Order

Power Rangers fans are in luck, as Super7 has finally revealed their new line of Power Rangers Ultimates figures, and the first wave is now up for pre-order. The first wave is all based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and features the Green Ranger, the Yellow Ranger, Goldar, a Putty Patroller, and the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Each one comes loaded with accessories like alternate hands, weapons, and alternate portraits, as well as the standard Ultimates style articulation. Even the Dinozord comes with alternate hands and a Power Coin. The first wave is up for pre-order right now on Entertainment Earth, and each one retails for $55.00.

The Green Ranger figure comes with two alternate Tommy Oliver heads, including a standard look with his ponytail and a Dark Ranger version with a green headband and an evil effect around the eyes. He also comes with a multitude of alternate hands and fists, as well as two alternate arms without the gold bands. We also get a regular Dragon Shield and a classic toy-inspired Dragon Shield, as well as a standard version and classic toy-inspired version of the Dragon Dagger. You also get a standard Sword of Power and one with soft goods tassel), a Mega Heater, and an open Power Morpher.

(Photo: Super7)

Next up is the Yellow Ranger, which comes with two alternate portraits so you can have either Trini or Aisha in your collection. You also get alternate hands and two versions of the Power Daggers, a standard version and a toy-inspired one. You also get a toy-inspired Blade Blaster and three alternate versions of the Blade Blaster (in Neutral, Blade, and Gun modes), as well as a Power Crystal, Deandra flowers, an open Power Morpher, and the best accessory of all, Mr. Ticklesneezer.

Next we have Goldar, who comes with an alternate angry sculpt, alternate hands, his wings, two hidden wings, a sword, five Badges of Darkness, and a Power Coin Box. Goldar stands at 8 inches tall, so he can loom over your Rangers in your collection.

There is also a Putty Patroller in the wave, who comes with a surprising amount of accessories for a henchman. The Putty comes with two interchangeable heads and swappable weapon hands, including a blade hand and a boulder hand. They also come with a Clown Collar and a Football Jersey, both of which are soft goods, as well as a Cowboy Hat, and a Bandana. Even better is the ability to upgrade them to a Z-Putty with a Z-Putty Vest and Knee Pads.

Last but certainly not least is the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, who comes with two Red Ranger miniatures, a replica Power Coin, and a number of alternate hands.

You can check out the full wave right here, and let us know what you think of the new line in the comments. You can also talk all things Power Rangers with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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