Power Rangers Star Cosplays As Dragon Ball's Future Trunks

The fighters of Dragon Ball and Power Rangers are typically battling for the same thing, and [...]

The fighters of Dragon Ball and Power Rangers are typically battling for the same thing, and that's to save the world. Now those worlds have converged thanks to some new cosplay from a Power Rangers favorite.

Yoshi Sudarso is best known by Ranger fans for his role as Koda in Power Rangers Dino Charge, but he recently decided to take on a Dragon Ball fan favorite in a new cosplay. That would be the skilled warrior from an alternate universe Future Trunks, and we think Sudarso did a splendid job bringing the warrior to life.

"I got to cosplay one of my favorite character #FutureTrunks yesterday for @SuperNewsLiveTV 👊🏼 Right on time for the @BandaiNamcoUS #dbfighterz release!! 🔥🔥Who's your #dbz fave? #notandad #ijustlovethisish 📷: Lsharma."

As you can see in the photo, Sudarso is brandishing Future Trunks Cello Saga look, complete with his trademark purple jacket with accompanying Capsule Corporation logo and purple hair. He's also sporting the red sheath and Future Trunks' broadsword, drawn and ready to take someone apart.

Sudarso is a big fan of the franchise, and with the new fighting game hitting stores this week, it seemed like the perfect time and perfect way to celebrate. The photo you see above was beautifully taken by photographer Lsharma, and you can see the cosplay in all its glory above.

Future Trunks is the son of future versions of Vegeta and Bulma from an alternate future, a future that has been ravaged by Android 17 and Android 18. The Goku of this world died before the Androids show up, and so they wipe out many of the heroes. Gohan trains Future Trunks in all that he can but eventually falls to the Androids as well. Future Trunks' mother reveals a time machine, which her son uses to go back into the past and save Goku, thus saving his timeline.

As for Sudarso, he recently showed up on Power Rangers HyperForce, becoming the series sixth Ranger, the Silver Ranger, a move that even surprised his brother Peter Sudarso, who plays Marv on the show.