Saban Releases Official Statement On 'Power Rangers' Movie Logo Renewal

On October 22nd we posted a story regarding Saban abandoning a trademark for the Power Rangers [...]

On October 22nd we posted a story regarding Saban abandoning a trademark for the Power Rangers movie logo, and now the company has released an official statement on the matter.

Here is an official statement from a Saban Brands representative. "Power Rangers continues to own and renew hundreds of trademark registrations worldwide, including for the 2017 movie logo. The trademark registration process is very nuanced, and the status of the single application has no bearing on our ownership of or the future plans for Power Rangers. The franchise remains as strong and enthusiastic about its future as ever."

At the time, we surmised that the abandoning of the trademark fell into one of two categories. Either it was just because Saban planned on introducing a new logo for that division, or that there were no plans for future films at this time. It seems it is very much the former, which is great news for fans.

As for the sequel to Power Rangers, if it does happen it would likely get a new logo anyway. As the representative said though, this statement doesn't mean we are actually getting or not getting a sequel.

The general feeling among fans is a hopeful one though, something you can see in the reactions anytime the possibility of a sequel comes up. There are critics of the film, but many openly embraced the new takes on classic characters, Krispy Kreme reliance aside.

If Saban does announce a new movie, next year's Power Morphicon would be the perfect place to do so, but that remains to be seen.

Speaking of Power Morphicon, the franchise will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in a huge way at the bi-annual convention, though the company remains quiet on specific plans. Fans can also look forward to a 25th Anniversary reunion episode as part of next year's Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, not to mention the continued success of the Power Rangers comics under Boom! Studios.

In short, it's a great time to be a Power Rangers fan, regardless of what logo is attached.

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