Saban Abandons 'Power Rangers' Movie Logo Trademark

2018 is Power Rangers 25th anniversary, but it doesn't look like one part of that franchise is coming along for the ride.

Power Rangers creator Saban has opted to not renew or extend the current trademark for their Entertainment division logo (via Trademarkia). Now, it is important to note that this is just the logo for that division of the company, but that division happens to involve online games, motion pictures, multimedia entertainment content, and television shows.

The official text is included below.

"The description provided to the USPTO for SABAN'S POWER RANGERS is Entertainment in the nature of online games; entertainment services in the nature of creation, development, distribution and production of motion pictures, multimedia entertainment content and television shows; entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by characters and individuals associated with motion pictures and television series and other entertainment programs; fan clubs; presentation of live show performances; providing a website featuring entertainment information, interviews, movie clips and trailers, online games, television clips and trailers and short form entertainment content delivered by internet, mobile and wireless networks; providing a website featuring non-downloadable videos and images in the fields of action, adventure and science fiction delivered by internet, mobile and wireless networks."

There are two schools of thought in regards to the abandonment of the logo. The first theory is that it means Saban will soon introduce an updated logo for that division. The second is that it just means Saban has no current or future plans to release more movies, and thus there's no need for the logo any longer.

That stems mostly from the mixed reception of Power Rangers at the box office. The film's budget was $100 million, but Power Rangers only brought in $85 million domestically. Once international was counted the film did surpass its budget to the tune of $142 million, but that didn't leave much room for profit, and sequel hopes have been left in limbo ever since.

With Saban's 25th Anniversary coming up, a new logo and trademark is not unlikely, and odds are even with the film's stumble a sequel could still be in the works, albeit with a more modest budget attached. Still, it does leave one to wonder what the plans are moving forward.

Also noteworthy is where this leaves the movie based merchandise like action figures, busts, and statues. Those products would still have that logo attached, so will those be discontinued, or will they be updated with a newer version?

Still loads of questions, but hopefully fans will get answers soon.

In the meantime, fans can still look forward to plenty more Power Rangers in the coming months. Power Rangers Ninja Steel is currently airing on Nickelodeon, and trailers have already been released for the follow-up season Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

Even more will likely be announced next year at Power Morphicon, and that doesn't even count the comic side of the universe.

In short, it's not a bad time to be a Power Ranges fan, but it does seem there will be some changes coming down the line.