Stars Gather for Anton Yelchin Statue Unveiling at Life Celebration Service

Several members of the Star Trek family gathered on Sunday to honor the late Anton Yelchin.Yelchin [...]

Several members of the Star Trek family gathered on Sunday to honor the late Anton Yelchin.

Yelchin played Pavlov Chekov in 2009's Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond. His co-star, Zoe Saldana, spoke during the service, where a statue of Yelchin was unveiled in Los Angeles.

Others in attendance at the "Life Celebration" service included Star Trek co-star Simon Pegg and director JJ Abrams, as well as Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Saulnier, Drake Doremus, Jon Voight, and Emile Hirsch.

Yelchin's parents also addressed the attendees and shared photos of Yelchin as a baby, a child, and shots from throughout his acting career.

The statue was created by sculptor Nick Marra and The Walking Dead FX artist Greg Nicotero. The statue is now on public display at Los Angeles's Forever Cemetery Garden of Legends.

The service also displayed a mural of Yelchin created by fans at a Star Trek convention.

Yelchin died in June 2016 at the age of 27 when his sports utility vehicle rolled down the driveway of his Los Angeles home and pinned him down.

The tragedy occurred between the filming and release of Star Trek Beyond. A title card with the words "For Anton" was added to the film just before the end credits. Director Justin Lin also made a subtle edit to the film at the last minute, adding a cut to Yelchin's Chekov when Kirk (Chris Pine) gives a toast to "absent friends."

JJ Abrams confirmed that the role of Chekov in the Star Trek reboot movies would not be recast following Yelchin's death, making it a lasting memorial to the actor's memory.

(h/t The Hollywood Reporter)

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