George Takei Responds To Sexual Assault Allegations

Star Trek legend George Takei has responded to accusations that he sexually assaulted a former [...]

Star Trek legend George Takei has responded to accusations that he sexually assaulted a former model in 1981.

At first, Julia Buchwald, Takei's rep, told The Hollywood Reporter that "George is traveling in Japan and Australia and not reachable for comment."

However, on Saturday evening, Takei took to Twitter to respond to the allegations by denying the events ever took place.

"I'm writing to respond to the accusations made by Scott R. Bruton," Takei tweeted. "I want to assure you all that I am as shocked and bewildered at these claims as you must feel reading them. The events he describes back in the 1980s simply did not occur, and I do not know why he has claimed them now. I have wracked my brain to ask if I remember Mr. Brunton, and I cannot say I do. But I do take these claims very seriously, and I wanted to provide my response thoughtfully and not out of the moment.

"Right now it is a he said / he said situation, over alleged events nearly 40 years ago. But those that know me understand that non-consensual acts are so antithetical to my values and my practices, the very idea that someone would accuse me of this is quite personally painful. Brad, who is 100 percent beside me on this, as my life partner of more than 30 years and now my husband, stands fully by my side. I cannot tell you how vital it has been to have his unwavering support and love in these difficult times. Thanks to many of you for all the kind words and trust. It means so much to us."

When Brunton initially came forward with his story, he stated that he expected Takei would deny the accusations.

"I don't want anything from him but an apology," he says. "I am sure he'll disown all this, I don't know, maybe not."

These accusations come following current Star Trek star Anthony Rapp, who plays Lt. Paul Stamets on Star Trek: Discovery, claimed that he was sexually assaulted when he was 14 years old by Kevin Spacey while the two were working together on a Broadway productions, opening a floodgate for additional claims of sexual misconduct against Spacey.

Takei weighed in on those allegations shortly after the story broke.

"When power is used in a non-consensual situation, it is a wrong," Takei's statement read. "For Anthony Rapp, he has had to live with the memory of this experience of decades ago. For Kevin Spacey, who claims not to remember the incident, he was the older, dominant one who had his way. Men who improperly harass or assault do not do so because they are gay or straight — that is a deflection. They do so because they have the power, and they chose to abuse it."