Quentin Tarantino Is Down For Directing A Star Trek Movie

You probably never thought you'd hear 'Quentin Tarantino' and 'Star Trek' together, in the same [...]

You probably never thought you'd hear "Quentin Tarantino" and "Star Trek" together, in the same sentence. This week, however, that completely changed.

The iconic director only has two more movies on his slate before he retires, but it sounds like he wouldn't mind if one of them took him to the final frontier.

When speaking with TMZ, Tarantino was asked about the possibility of him helming a Star Trek film at some point in his career. While he didn't say yes, Tarantino did give about as positive of an answer as he is known to give.

"It'd be worth taking a meeting about," the director said.

The Star Trek conversation began earlier this month when Tarantino was asked about taking on a Star Wars film, and he said that he would rather venture into the world of Trekkies.

If you've followed Tarantino's work for any length of time, you know that the odds of him jumping into a franchise like Star Trek are less than slim. This guy's career has been built around original films that he creates from scratch. He's also known for pushing an R rating to the limit, and Star Trek doesn't seem to line up very well with that style.

Either way, Tarantino ended the conversation by assuring the reporter that he was definitely only doing two more films before his retirement, and that wasn't going to change.



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