Star Trek: Michael Dorn Still Pitching Captain Worf Series

Star Trek's Michael Dorn is still trying to get his Captain Worf spinoff on the air. Dorn next [...]

Star Trek's Michael Dorn is still trying to get his Captain Worf spinoff on the air. Dorn next appears in the film Agent Revelation, but he made some time to talk about Star Trek. Dorn has long been trying to convince Star Trek's producers to make a show about Worf as the captain of a Klingon vessel and focusing on Klingon culture. Speaking to Trek Movie, Dorn says he's still pitching that show and thought it might go somewhere a couple of years ago. Sadly, that wasn't the case, but Dorn isn't ready to stop making his case for the series.

"There's interest and then there's not," Dorns says. "Then there's interest and then there's not. And I guess it was two years ago I thought they would take it a little further. But that did not happen. So I don't know if the whole idea is dead – not in my mind. [laughs] I believe that they are missing a great opportunity to insert something into Star Trek that's always been part of the Star Trek lexicon, which is the Klingons."

Dorn's Captain Worf show would take place after Worf left Starfleet to return to the Klingon Empire. He offered some further details.

"Basically, the script I wrote was: Instead of looking at the Klingon Empire from Starfleet, we look at Starfleet from the Klingon Empire," he says. "And it has been going on for decades, the Klingon Empire just can't go on. It's the Russians, basically. And they decide that they have to either die with a sword in their hands and go extinct, or change with the times and become something different. And Worf is the guy that says, 'We have to change with the times, that is the mark of a warrior.'

"And so two things happen. They start letting other races into the Klingon world. And the only way they can do that is by letting in Starfleet officers. That's sort of the way it's done. 'We'll let in other people, but first Starfleet offers because we understand Starfleet. They're soldiers, we're soldiers.' The second thing they have to do is their resources are limited and dwindling, because the Klingon universe is just like the Federation. They have planets and worlds and societies that they own, but they do it in a brutal way. And so they have to go out to every one of these worlds and either give them their freedom, or try to work with them, which is something that's anathema to Klingons.

And since Worf opened his big mouth and said, "This is what we have to do," then they say, "Okay, then you're the guy that has to go out to all these worlds." And every world is different. Some worlds are rebelling. Some worlds want to be part of the Klingon Empire. Some worlds want to be independent. And so every episode is that."

Dorn has been pitching the Captain Worf idea since before the Kelvin Timeline movies launched. He's dedicated to the idea. Only time will tell if that dedication pays off.