'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' Documentary Delayed, Adam Nimoy Steps Down As Director

What We Left Behind, the crowdfunded documentary about the history of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, [...]

What We Left Behind, the crowdfunded documentary about the history of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has hit a bit of a snag as its director announces his departure.

Adam Nimoy, the son of Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy and fiance of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Terry Farrell, was set to direct the project but has announced that he will be leaving that position while staying on board the project as a producer and advisor. The announcement was made through the Indiegogo campaign's winter update, which stated that Nimoy was departing to focus on personal commitments and other creative endeavors.

"The real creative force behind the DS9 documentary was well in place before I came along," Nimoy stated in the update. "I was happy to lend them support and guidance to push the project along so that it could be completed in time for the 25th anniversary of the show which is coming up in 2018. I wish the creative team all good things as they Boldly Go!"

Speaking of releasing in time for the 25th anniversary, the update also stated that "release dates are still undetermined," but that they will like likely need to be pushed back later than originally anticipated:

"Our original estimates for the premieres and film release was roughly February, 2018 -- this was long BEFORE the Indiegogo campaign exceeded all expectations, and the scope of the project grew. As such, our filming and editing schedule has expanded to include a number of new and exciting creative ideas. While we still are aiming to have the film done in early 2018, it is likely these release timeframes will shift back (slightly) to accommodate."

On the upside, the update does mention the Variety magazine photoshoot that recently took place, reuniting several members of the cast and crew of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, including Farrell, Avery Brooks, Nana Visitor, Michael Dorn, and others. The Variety article is expected to run in early 2018 and will be accompanied by behind-the-scenes footage of the documentary in progress.

Having premiered in January 1993, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will celebrate its 25th anniversary in the early days of 2018.