Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Confirmed, Production Starts in November

Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for season 4 on CBS All Access - and production on the [...]

Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for season 4 on CBS All Access - and production on the fourth season will begin in November. CBS made the announcement about Star Trek: Discovery season 4 in the announcement video seen above, which features the cast and crew of Discovery (including series stars Sonequa Martin-Green and Doug Jones, along with showrunners Michelle Paradise and Alex Kurtzman). They reveal that not only will Discovery be back for season 4, but that they are ready (and eager) to get out of lockdown and back to work, starting on November 2nd!

"Oh my goodness! I am so excited to be back on set," Green tells fans in the video. "It's gonna be great to see everybody, and I think we're gonna really love on each other. I'm so excited to be giving you a season 4 - and watch season 3! That's what I would say. That's what I'm really excited about."

Doug Jones is in definite agreement with Green on one point: the eagerness to reunite with the rest of the Star Trek: Discovery cast and crew, after being apart for so long. Completing and promoting season 3 was hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the cast couldn't reunite to get to work on season 4... until now.

Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Production November

The announcement of Star Trek: Discovery season 4 comes right after the season 3 premiere aired this week. It's good news for Star Trek fans, but not exactly a shocking surprise. The current Star Trek creative team just let it be known that this new Star Trek TV universe has been planned through 2027, with plans to continue current series Discovery, Picard, and Lower Decks, while expanding into new series like Discovery spinoffs Strange New Worlds and Section 31, and a kids series, Prodigy.

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In fact, in that same interview, Kurtzman openly stated that Star Trek: Discovery has many seasons left to go before coming to end:

"I'm going to say, in all honesty, there are years and years left on Discovery," Kurtzman told TV Top 5 Podcast. "I think that because Star Trek, in general, has had a long history of going something like seven seasons minimum, and we just jumped into the future… it's not that it's a brand new show, but it's a whole new set of variables with a whole new set of ideas and stories, and I don't think we limit ourselves to thinking, 'Oh, we're capped at this place.' I'll tell you when the show starts to feel stale to us, we will be rallying to stop it — but for now, it doesn't feel like we are running into a shortage of stories."

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 is currently streaming on CBS All Access.