Star Trek: Picard - LeVar Burton Teases the Return of Geordi in Season 2

LeVar Burton teased the return of Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: Picard Season 2. He spoke to [...]

LeVar Burton teased the return of Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: Picard Season 2. He spoke to Entertainment Tonight as he's hanging out at home trying to stay safe. Fans have wanted to see some familiar faces in the series. They got a taste in the first salvo of episodes, but it seems like things are going to ramp up in the second installment. The chief engineer is a fan favorite along with most of the TNG cast. However, Burton didn't want to completely leave himself out there on an island. Nothing is concrete yet, but it is looking good for the second season.

"How do I answer this without getting myself in trouble? I think it is reasonable to think that those people are still a part of Picard's life. Sure, what the hell, absolutely," Burton tried to be diplomatic as he was asked about a cameo. "You will see us all, probably not all at the same time but... You know, never say never."

"I have suggested to the producers that perhaps we find Geordi in a position where he is teaching, passing that knowledge on to another generation of people. We'll see," he shared. "Alex [Kurtzman] and the folks in charge [are] doing an amazing job. When they call, and whatever it is they want me to do, I'm pretty sure It's going to be spectacular."

Nothing has been filmed as of the time of writing. But it does feel like something is brewing. Burton mentioned that he was on the set during Season 1. Having so many of the old cast hovering around the production is going to have fans speculating. Add to that fact that everyone is sitting at home just watching their old favorites, and it's no wonder the idea of Picard having so many cameos has become a hot topic.

"I was on the set during the filming of season one, the day that Jonathan [Frakes] and Marina [Sirtis] were there playing the Rikers. We are family to one another," he reflected. "We love one another, and the chemistry that people talk about, that they experienced on the show, it really is a dynamic that exists among us. When I got married, Brent Spiner was my best man. My groomsmen were Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes and Patrick Stewart. We are those people to one another and anytime we get together, it's just awesome.

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