Star Trek: Patrick Stewart Teases Borg Revelations in Picard Premiere

In Star Trek: Picard, resistance will be futile. Details about the new Star Trek series’ plot [...]

In Star Trek: Picard, resistance will be futile. Details about the new Star Trek series' plot are scarce, but we know the Borg play a role. The first trailer, revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, contained a shot of a Borg cube either in construction or repair. There are also two key Borg characters, Seven of Nine and Hugh, returning in the series. That's not to mention Picard's own storied history with the Borg Collective. At Destination Star Trek, Patrick Stewart suggested the show's premiere episode will offer fans new info on the state of the Borg. "After the 23rd when our show airs, you'll know more about the Borg," Stewart teased.

The Borg managed to get under Picard's skin more than any other Star Trek: The Next Generation antagonist. That's in both the figurative and literal sense. In the two-part episode "The Best of Both Worlds," the Borg assimilated Picard. He became Locutus of Borg. The Enterprise crew rescued Picard and Starfleet reversed his transformation. Yet, the emotional scars remained. These showed through in the follow-up episode "Family" and in his dealings with Hugh in the episode "I, Borg." His time as Locutus returned to haunt him when he faced the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact.

Picard also reunites Stewart with some of his old co-stars. Jonathan Frakes returns as Will Riker, Picard's First Officer in The Next Generation. He returns in Picard, along with Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi. Once the Enterprise's counselor, Picard finds Troi living with Riker, now her husband, and their children. Brent Spiner returns as Data, the android who sacrificed his life to save Picard in the film Star Trek: Nemesis, though he may be a figment of Picard's mind. During his appearance, Stewart hinted that more Next Generation stars may be involved with the new series. "Will we meet the rest of the crew?" he asked. Then he answered "I think so," eliciting an ovation from the fans in attendance.

Are you excited about the Borg's role in Star Trek: Picard? What do you think the Borg Collective is up to decades after the events of Star Trek: First Contact? What do you think this has to do with the return of Hugh and Seven of Nine in the new series? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section. Star Trek: Picard premieres on January 23, 2020, on CBS All Access.