Star Trek: The Next Generation Gets a Friends-Style Intro

Have you ever wondered what Star Trek: The Next Generation might look like as a 1990s sitcom? [...]

Have you ever wondered what Star Trek: The Next Generation might look like as a 1990s sitcom? Well, wonder no more. One Star Trek fan took the time to cut together a Friends-style intro for Star Trek: The Next Generation. The introduction features Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, LeVar Burton, and, for some reason, John de Lancie instead of Marina Sirtis. Missing cast member aside, the video is fun and makes you realize how many moments from Star Trek: The Next Generation wouldn't be out of place in a sitcom setting, assuming you allow for some sci-fi tropes within that sitcom (the doctor turning into a dog, for example).

While the Friends cast has long been against a reunion, several members of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast will reprise their roles in the upcoming CBS All Access series Star Trek: Picard. Frakes is one of them, returning as Will Riker and reuniting with Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and Sirtis as Deanna Troi. Frakes spoke at a recent convention about how nervous hew as to play Riker again after so many years away from the character.

"I hadn't acted in a long, long, long time," Frakes said. "I hadn't played Riker in 18 years, and I've been very fortunate to be busy directing. I acted briefly in a movie in Winnipeg about 10 years ago. And I had a major anxiety attack because, for whatever reason, I'd forgotten to act. I forgot how to act. I was not a pretty picture for a few hours. I got my s--t together and ended up doing fine.

"I had just directed two episodes of Picard with Sir Patrick and, as I said, his acting muscle was well-toned. And Marina (Sirtis) had just closed having starred in a play in the West End in London. So, I knew she was going to be in good form. So, I was a nervous wreck. It ended up going very well. But don't let anybody tell you it's like getting back on a bike. That's bulls--t. That's acting bulls--t."

Frakes, Stewart, and Sirtis will be joined by fellow returning The Next Generation co-star Brent Spiner and Star Trek: Voyager star Jeri Ryan in Star Trek: Picard. Despite rumors and speculation, Michael Dorn will not be back as Worf in the new series.

What do you think of this Friends-style intro to Star Trek: The Next Generation? Let us know in the comments section. Star Trek: Picard has wrapped production on its first season. The series debuts on CBS All Access in 2020.