'Star Wars: Episode IX' Title: Naomi Ackie Says Disney Is the "Ultimate Jedi"

Star Wars fans are doing their best to find out what the title of Star Wars: Episode IX could be when speaking with members of the cast and crew, though actress Naomi Ackie claims that even she doesn't know the film's title as Disney employs means of deception that rival the abilities of Jedi. You can hear her remarks at the 3:30-mark in the video above.

When speaking with HeyUGuys, the topic of the title of the film being revealed shortly came up, with Ackie claiming, "Oh really? Gosh, that's gonna be news to me, I have no idea. They keep everything on such a lockdown. They don't tell us anything until it's time for us to know. Literally, Disney are the ultimate Jedi, they're just working the room like crazy. I love it."

Fans might doubt that Ackie, being a member of the production, would be unaware of the title, though the behind-the-scenes documentary The Director and the Jedi, available on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi home video released, displayed the moment when writer/director Rian Johnson told Mark Hamill the title on set, confirming that even an icon in the franchise didn't know the name while shooting.

Ackie is a newcomer to the saga, having previously starred in smaller-scale productions like Lady Macbeth and Yardi, with the actress still coming to grips with being involved in such an acclaimed franchise.

"It's like something that I haven't fully anticipated so I don't know how to get my head around it on a lot of occasions," the actress shared about her excitement. "Right now, it's fine, because I'm filming, so it's okay, but as soon as I have to go into the public and do all of this but with Star Wars right behind me, I think I'll be a little bit more terrified."

Fans might not be entirely aware of Ackie, but this is far from the only exciting project for her on the horizon. The actress will also be appearing in the upcoming Game of Thrones prequels, joking that she was being greedy for taking such coveted roles in multiples franchises.

"It's really greedy, I know, I'm angry at myself and I don't know how to stop it," Ackie joked.


Fans can see Ackie's debut in the galaxy far, far away when Star Wars: Episode IX lands in theaters this December.

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