Reading Disneyland's Star Wars Attractions Fine Print Could Save You $200

Disneyland isn't cheap. The theme park saw one of the biggest prices increases in its history earlier this year with ticket costs going up by 25% ahead of the opening of the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge attraction, but there costs on top of just the admission, depending on what you plan to do on your visit. And when it comes to Galaxy's Edge and some of its specific attractions, it might be worth double checking the fine print when you book your reservations -- it could save you a lot of money.

According to MarketWatch, several of Galaxy's Edge's attractions require same-day reservations that must be booked ahead of time with a credit card -- such as drinks at Oga's Cantina or Savi's Workshop where guests can build their own lightsabers. However, being late or missing those reservations can be costly. Specifically, those with reservations for Savi's Workshop who are late or miss their reservation time? They are still charged the $199.99 per builder charge -- and, on top of that, reservations can't be exchanged, sold, bartered and cancellations are not accepted.

That's a pretty steep penalty, but it's not the only fee associated with missed reservations. At Oga's Cantina, those who book a table will be hit with a $10 per person penalty if they're late or forget to check in. Also, every person on the reservation must be present when checking into the restaurant. While the fee for missed reservations also applies to other sit-down restaurants in Disney's other U.S. theme parks, at those other restaurants guests can cancel their reservations at least a day in advance, fee-free -- something not possible with the same-day reservation system for Oga's Cantina.

Still, even with the steep fees and significant ticket prices, fans are still showing up in large numbers for Galaxy's Edge. Attractions such as Savi's Workshop have been sold out every day since it opened, and the popularity of the park is even spawning some unfortunate illegal activity as well. Some fans have taken to stealing items found within the park that aren't for sale -- such as menus, reservation cards, and more -- have been disappearing from the park and popping up on eBay, sold by those attempting to capitalize on the park's popularity.


"The wildly popular Oga’s Cantina has been the hardest hit," The OCR notes. "The postcard-sized cards visitors receive when they return to join the cantina’s virtual queue are now showing up on eBay bundled with packages of other Galaxy’s Edge loot. Oga’s name is spelled out on the card in a stylish Aurebesh font. Hosts are supposed to collect the cards as patrons enter the bar."

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