Darth Vader House for Sale in Texas

If you love Star Wars, there’s a Darth Vader house for sale in Texas. Houston has a wild modern [...]

If you love Star Wars, there's a Darth Vader house for sale in Texas. Houston has a wild modern home listed at $4.3 million dollars and you can check it out on Zillow right now. The estate hit the market very recently and became an instant topic of discussion on social media. It got the name from the way in which the front of the building looks like the Star Wars villain. There are 4 bedrooms and 5 baths along with 7,040 square feet of space. (Plenty of room for lightsaber battles in there.) The previous owner was a surgeon and built the facade back in the 1990s. RGB fans will delight in the fact that there seems to be some colored tube lighting running throughout the core of the house. In the middle, there is a massive conversation pit and that is where a lot of the visual interest stems from. Also of note, all the massive windows bring light into a structure that doesn't seem like it would have much from the front side of things.

Even Mark Hamill had to get into the fun while posting about it on Twitter. He joked that the house looked evil. Check out what the realtors themselves have to say.

"CO: listed with Nadia Carron. Known to many as " The Darth Vader House" this contemporary masterpiece is one not to miss. Over 7,000 sq., of living, principal bedroom down, open rooms, massive windows, a museum home setting on a prestigious W. University Street. Custom throughout with ample closets, 4 car garage, versatile living spaces, large lot. Nothing else like it in the area. Come visit us Wednesday 12-2 pm. A special thanks to DAX studio designs for the amazing staging."

Darth Vader actor Dave Prowse had some thoughts about why the villain is so striking in a conversation with the BBC back in 2013.

"What happened actually is my agent rang me up and said there's a gentleman in town called George Lucas who would very much like to see you," he explained. "So, I went out to see him and meet up with him. He took me into a room and showed me all these conceptual drawings. He said, 'I would like to offer you one of two parts in this movie I'm doing.'"

"The first one is a character called Chewbacca. I said, 'What in the h*** is Chewbacca?' He goes through the film on the side of the goodies, you see? I heard that and said, 'Three months in a gorilla skin? No, thank you very much!' The other one is called Darth Vader. He's the big villain of the film, you see? I said, don't say anymore George, I'll have the villain's part. He said, 'Tell me why?' Think back on all the movies you've ever seen when there's good guys and bad guys. You always remember the bad guy!"

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