Fan Builds Star Wars Speeder Bike You Dreamed Of As A Kid

If you were a Star Wars kid who didn’t dream of one day owning their own Speeder Bike, then [...]

If you were a Star Wars kid who didn't dream of one day owning their own Speeder Bike, then I'm not sure what you did in your free-time. Fans of the sci-fi franchise have come to love many of the films' various vehicles and spacecrafts. Like, some fans' love for the Millennium Falcon must rival that of Han Solo's affection. But, for many, their childhood go-to is the Speeder Bike - and now a group of fans have built the actual thing.

Okay, maybe it's not the exact thing, but the replica is pretty close. The build isn't fitted with Star Wars' hi-tech repulsorlift engines, but the guys over at Vintage Works did use old-fashioned tires to make their Speeder Bike move. Sure, it doesn't fly, but it'll most fast enough to make you think you were.

The fan-made bike is a close replica to the Speeder Bikes seen throughout the Star Wars saga. The build's handlebars double for both steering and forward-flap controls which would theoretically help the bike bank while flying. A large red button above the bike's engine starts the bike up, and canon-compliant footholds rest behind the build's chassis. And, of course, the builders included authentic sound effect controls for Speeder Bike which mimic the sound of blasters firing.

Really, if this thing could fly, it would be totally ready to fly right on through Endor. Fans would have to pity the poor Ewok or trooper who got in the bike's way. So far, Vintage Works has not said what they plan on doing with the Star Wars build or whether they'll do more in the future, but long-time fans are just happy to see that someone, somewhere has now made their Star Wars dreams a reality.