Star Wars: Enfys Nest Actress Details What She Wants in a Solo Follow-Up

In the nearly three years since Solo: A Star Wars Story landed in theaters, no official word has [...]

In the nearly three years since Solo: A Star Wars Story landed in theaters, no official word has emerged about that narrative continuing in a new project, but if the opportunity came about, Enfys Nest actress Erin Kellyman said she'd like to explore her character's background and the journey to become the hero audiences saw in the spinoff film. Part of the appeal of Solo was that it planted the seed for a number of stories featuring its supporting characters, with fans having spent the last few years hoping to see their adventures continued in either a live-action project or in a literary experience.

"Her backstory, I think was very interesting," Kellyman explained to ComingSoon about what she'd like to explore in the future. "We kind of touched on it a little bit in Solo and [co-writer] Jon Kasdan and I had spoken about it as well, which was very helpful in me understanding the character a bit more. But yeah, I think it would be really cool to focus on Enfys Nest's backstory, I think that'd be so cool. I would love to play her again, that'd be sick."

Throughout much of Solo, Enfys Nest served as a foil to Tobias Beckett and his crew of pirates, only for the film's final act to reveal that her actions were benevolent, rebelling against the burgeoning Galactic Empire and the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn to save her people. It was also revealed that the teen-aged Enfys was merely carrying on the legacy of her mother, who previously had sported the intimidating armor to similarly protect her people.

Solo currently holds 69% positive reviews on aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, though it has the lowest box-office gross of the live-action franchise. Likely due to those disappointing numbers, no official plans have been hinted at regarding a continuation of the series, despite a majority of the cast having previously confirmed that they signed on with the possibility of starring in more films.

Despite enjoying his experience as the iconic smuggler, even Alden Ehrenreich confirmed that the franchise doesn't play a major part of his future.

"It's not a huge part of my life anymore," he said in a profile with The Independent last year. "But my sense is that there was a really clear disconnect between the way it was really received and then the stories that came out about it. That we had a troubled production or whatever. And it's not really a story that the movie did totally fine. It didn't make a billion dollars but it did fine and people liked it – but that's not interesting. What's interesting is: 'This is the biggest movie of all time and it was absolutely a disaster.' I knew, no matter what happened, that I was putting myself in a situation where people would be saying things about me. But honestly, that whole experience felt like this huge, high-seas adventure."

Stay tuned for details on the possible future of Solo: A Star Wars Movie.

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