Star Wars: Disney Releases Trailers Teasing Galaxy's Edge Rides

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge looks to be the most immersive attraction Star Wars fans can experience, [...]

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge looks to be the most immersive attraction Star Wars fans can experience, with the attraction debuting a new look at upcoming experiences. Check out the trailer for the "Rise of the Resistance" attraction in the video above.

Entertainment Weekly debuted the trailers, describing "Rise of the Resistance" as an attraction where "guests will experience what it's like to be caught in the crossfire of a deep-space conflict between the First Order and the X-Wing dogfighters of the Resistance."

The site also debuted a new look at "Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run," which can be seen below.

The site describes that "visitors will begin the experience by firing up the engines of Han Solo's 'fastest ship in the galaxy' for a daring escape from Batuu, the remote trading world that serves as the theme park's home base" and adds "guests can take on one of three different duties to make sure the mission is a success."

The home video release of Solo: A Star Wars Story brought with it a featurette that shed more light on what guests could expect from the Falcon experience.

"You're truly in control of the fastest and most iconic ship in the entire galaxy," executive creative director of the ride Asa Kalama shared in the "Millennium Falcon: From Page to Park" featurette."And Hondo, he's gone ahead and added a couple extra seats so he can get as many of those flight crews through as possible. There are 200 some odd buttons, knobs, and switches on the inside of the cockpit and they all do stuff. If you're the gunners in the center there and you don't fire back on those TIE Fighters fast enough they're going to riddle the hull with laser bolts. The engineers in back, it's really up to them to keep the whole Falcon in working order so they're back there furiously working away at their various systems."

Another exciting announcement about the park is that John Williams, who has composed all the scores in the saga minus Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be crafting all-new music that will be heard throughout the 14-acre park. Williams is set to close out his Star Wars tenure by composing the score for Star Wars: Episode IX.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is set to open at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World in 2019.

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