Star Wars Combines Halloween and Baby Yoda To Create a New Treat

This month, has been sharing some fun recipes and DIY instructions. In honor of Andor, they recently released a recipe for "Syril's Cereal Bars" as well as instructions on how to make your very own version of Cassian Andor's droid pal, B2EMO. Yesterday, they shared another new recipe that combines Grogu AKA Baby Yoda and Halloween. "Grogu Ghost Cookies" look like a tasty way to combine two of your favs.

"This is the Way... to make cute Halloween treats," Star Wars shared on Instagram. "These matcha cookies are draped in fondant and give the illusion of a happy, wee Grogu heading out for a spirited night of holiday fun. Perfectly paired with a glass of blue milk, these cookies are ideal for a Star Wars Halloween party table or a quick snack before an exciting night of trick or treating," they added on their site. You can read the recipe here and check out their video below: 

When Is The Mandalorian Season 3? 

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is finally returning for a third season in February 2023, but this December will mark two years since the second season came to an end. While we did get to see Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu return in The Book of Boba Fett earlier this year, Star Wars fans are eager to see the dynamic duo back on their own series. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly on the Dagobah Dispatch Podcast (via The Direct) executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni teased Mando's future and his shot at redemption. 

"Well, we established in The Book of Boba Fett that there was an opportunity for The Mandalorian to be redeemed because he had transgressed against the Creed by removing his helmet," Favreau explained. "And among his group of Mandalorians, that is something that's not permitted. Now, we know that there are other groups of Mandalorians where they have different sets of rules. In The Clone Wars, we saw with Dave and also with the character that I voiced that the Mandalorians are very different there. And so these different groups are coming together and we're going to figure out... the Nexus point for all of those communities, of course, is their homeworld from which they're exiled, which is Mandalore."

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