How a 'Star Wars' Deleted Scene Created One of the Movie's Most Iconic Lines

The first film in the Star Wars saga was packed with many memorable lines, and there's no doubt [...]

The first film in the Star Wars saga was packed with many memorable lines, and there's no doubt that many fans will have their own favorite, but one of the most iconic bits of dialogue wasn't in the original script of the movie. In fact, it only came about because of a deleted scene.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the legendary Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill revealed that Alec Guinness' famous declaration, "Use the Force, Luke," was included in the climactic trench run after another scene was cut.

Hamill was talking about his infamously whiny line about wanting to go to Tosche Station to retrieve power converters when he spoke about the deleted scene at the actual location, which featured lengthy exchange with Biggs Darklighter, who later meets his demise in the Death Star battle.

"All of his peers ridiculed him," Hamill explained about Luke's life on Tatooine. "They call him Wormy. He's been out in the sun too long so you know he's not particularly popular. He sees Biggs Darklighter, who later dies on the assault of the Death Star."

In the scene, Luke envies Biggs who has made it through training at the Imperial Academy. But his friend reveals he's going to sneak away and join the Rebellion, choosing to fight in the war for the side he believes in. It sets up Luke's reluctance to join the war and his eagerness to escape Tatooine, while also establishing his friendship with Biggs.

Biggs death was supposed to have an impact on Luke in the trench run, but cutting that scene required a change because the audience had no connection to the character.

"That's why I turn off the targeting device, when I see my best friend die. But since it's rendered meaningless since you hadn't seen him, then they had [Alec] Guinness come in and say 'Uuuuuuse the force, Luke.' That's when I turn off the targeting device," Hamill said. "But what I thought was really interesting is when you see Biggs, he's in an Imperial uniform. So Luke goes, 'Cool!' He has no political persuasion. It's just, get off of Tatooine. And I thought that was important."

There were many changes to Star Wars: A New Hope in the editing process, and the film was considered to be improved thanks to the contributions of Marcia Lucas. The editor famously created the threat of the Death Star destroying Yavin-4 using previously shot footage and some voice over recordings, which significantly raised the stakes and the tension for the climactic battle.

Knowing that Obi-Wan Kenobi's iconic line was a late addition is just another amazing anecdote that makes us appreciate the beautiful chaos of the Star Wars saga a little bit more.