New 'Star Wars Rebels' Clip Hints at Massive Moment for Kanan

With the final episodes of Star Wars Rebels set to begin airing on Disney XD next week, fans are [...]

With the final episodes of Star Wars Rebels set to begin airing on Disney XD next week, fans are starting to get a look at the last adventures of the Ghost crew before the series wraps up.

Unfortunately, they might have to brace themselves for some sadness, according to the series creator Dave Filoni. While premiering a new clip with some foreboding teases for the series, Filoni spoke with ABC News about the series' end. Check out the clip above.

In the preview, Kanan tells Ezra to take over the mission to rescue Hera, who was captured by Imperial forces in the mid-season finale. Kanan cares too much about Hera and doesn't want his judgement to be clouded, and decides to let his "padawan" take over executing the plan.

"This is a big decision moment," said Filoni. "Kanan is smart enough to know that his emotions around her could actually cloud his judgment and what he would choose to do… It is a nice transference moment. There's always this thing where you have a student, and they're becoming more and more adept than the master."

If that reminds you of a certain moment where Obi-Wan Kenobi left Luke Skywalker after passing on some wisdom, it's likely intentional. Passing the baton has always been a major component of the Star Wars franchise, and it sounds like it could be happening here.

"What a nod from Kanan to say, 'I trust you with this,'" Filoni said. "This is really important to him, this idea that Hera is in peril. You would think that there's no way that Kanan wouldn't take up the responsibility of leading this mission."

As for whether or not Kanan actually makes it out alive, or anyone else for that matter, Filoni isn't telling. In fact, details about the series finale are being kept under lock and key.

"There's only a small group of people that actually know the entire ending of the series," Filoni said. "I have all their names written down in my office. I know exactly who knows what. It's my best attempt to keep all of this from getting out."

And though Rebels might be ending, it's recently been revealed that more Star Wars series are in development at Disney.

"Everything needs its time and place to come to life and exist," Filoni said. "I'm very busy on things right now, and excited about what we're working on. There won't be a lack of Star Wars in the future, that's for sure."

Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney XD on Monday, February 19th.