Star Wars Resistance Season 2 First Footage Debuts at Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Resistance Season 1 ended on a dramatic moment, with Kazuda Xiono watching his homeworld [...]

Star Wars Resistance Season 1 ended on a dramatic moment, with Kazuda Xiono watching his homeworld of Hosnian Prime getting destroyed by Starkiller Base and Tam Ryvora choosing to leave the Colussus with the First Order. The Colussos also lifted off into space, heading for an unknown location. The first episode of Season 2, screened early for Star Wars Celebration attendees, answered some questions, but left plenty of things to keep fans wondering what is next for the Colossus team.

The Star Wars Celebration panel included the main voice cast, plus executive producers Justin Ridge, Athene Portillo and Brandon Auman. Ridge serves as the showrunner, and said he was "beyond honored" to take over the reins from Dave Feloni.

Ridge later said the finale began "the chase" that will be central to Season 2. Rich said the second season will pick up right after Season 1 ended, which of course would be during The Last Jedi. He played coy when it came to Tam's future, but then introduced the entire first episode of Season 2.

The episode showed Kaz, Tora, Neeku and CB-23 trying to restore gravity to the Colossus, but this proved harder than they thought. One of the First Order's BB units stowed away on the ship. Meanwhile, Captain Doza and Yaeger tried to reach the Resistance at D'Qar, unaware that the First Order destroyed the D'Qar base at the start of The Last Jedi. The episode also provided the BB-unit versus BB-unit fight fans never knew they needed.

Meanwhile, Tam continued to dedicate herself to the First Order, grabbing at the chance to become a real pilot.

Resistance is the latest Star Wars animated series created by Filoni and started just months before the events of The Force Awakens. It began with Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and General Leia Organa assigning Kaz (Christopher Sean), a Republic Navy pilot, to keep an eye on the First Order's activities on the Colossus station.

During the first season, Kaz discovered that the First Order wanted to take control of the station to get access to a space lane to material needed for Starkiller Base. The finale lined up with The Force Awakens, with Kaz watching Starkiller Base firing up and destroying Hosnian Prime and the nearby planets.

After the finale aired, Ridge and Ausman talked with Entertainment Weekly about Tam's surprising decision to go away with the villains.

"It's a very interesting situation, because of Tam's background and with her grandfather working for an Imperial Factory back in the day," Ridge explained to EW. "She doesn't really view the First Order as a threat. She views them more like the police force. They're just doing their job, they're keeping things safe, security is the best it's ever been on the Colossus. So, in her eyes, she really doesn't see them as a bad thing."

"The Empire obviously was before her time and her grandfather probably told her that back then, the galaxy was safe and secure and that really influenced her outlook on The First Order," Ausman added.


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